Shooters aim their lens at Adelaide

Shooters for posterAdelaide Community Channel 44 is currently screening Shooters, a self-funded show that shows what it’s like to work as a videographer.

Shooters follows the Youview Australia videographer team as they film for news items, documentary footage, events and corporate.

Previous episodes have featured everything from red carpet  interviews with Zac Effron and Taylor Schilling, to the discovery of historic footage depicting Australian life in the outback.

This week’s episode features a story on the Port river dolphins, Jon English and the Legends of Aussie Rock Tour, celebrity chefs at the Cheesefest, and the the Kangaroo Island ferry.

Season 2 is currently filming stories in Sydney and Brisbane and there are hopes to extend the broadcast to community channels in other cities.

Tuesdays at 7.30pm on 44 Digital.


  1. yes its true they arent saying its a media vehicle… but when you have three people from a TV show about media/camera type people…its no that big a stretch that the vehicle has something to do with them or the show…maybe the dog is a “go pro” dog…

  2. whats with the emergency beacon light on the vehicle behind them…in NSW media ?news vehicles are not allowed such things…as the poice tell us we are not an emegency vehicle…just one that shows the emergency…

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