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No Survivor finale next week, but it is still coming.

Survivor-Jeff-ProbstAs some readers have noted, Survivor‘s long awaited finale (which aired in the US before Christmas) will not be screened as expected next week.

This is due to the Tour Down Under taking place.

Nine has confirmed the two hour finale will air at 10:30pm Tuesday January 29 with the one hour reunion, where the winner is actually declared to begin at 12:20am.

I guess they have managed to stretch it out over the summer period pretty strategically.

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  1. it’s so great to find somewhere giving info on when we next get to see survivor – thanks! I agree with what everyone else has said, it’s so frustrating trying to keep track of when the show will air and just ridiculous that channel 9 doesn’t even seem to give out this info. Unfortunately I missed the last 2 episodes while on holidays and am so annoyed that they aren’t available on catch-up. I mostly watch abc and they their catch-up is fabulous; just wish 9 could take a leaf out of their book!

  2. Why can’t they announce when a program is going to be on instead of no information at all, People feel like fools for bothering. All the channels do it now, it is rude and you give up on them

  3. Thanks for the heads-up David. I’d like to add my disgruntlement with Channel 9 re: Survivor too. As already stated here 9 have other channels on which to show Survivor. I also wish that another TV station would pick it up and show some respect for the fans by showing it in a reasonable time slot but I’m guessing that 9 has the franchise or whatever on Survivor. Why do 9 show endless repeats in prime time and then put Survivor on at a time when only few are going to see it. So annoying and disappointing.

  4. Thanks David, I understand now, I thought it meant no capitals at all silly me.
    Thank You for explaining. I’ve seen the finale and reunion now, I couldn’t wait another two weeks, its pretty ridiculous channel 9!

  5. It’s horrible to think that what (after an incredible 26 seasons!) is still one of the best made and most watchable and addictive shows on television, is treated like such garbage here.

    In the US the show is very much aimed as a family show. I’ve heard Jeff Probst comment that he believes this to be one reason why the show remains so successful.

    I remember many years ago now 9 had a run of airing it on Saturday evenings at like 7:30pm (ideal family time)… and it rated really well for them. So much so, that they kept it on Saturdays for a few seasons.

    However it now sits in “nowhere land” at 10:30/11:00pm at night. Going until after midnight. How do they expect to attract any viewers to the show? Most die-hard fans of the show turned their backs on 9 long ago and find other sources to watch it from.

    As many other people have commented, they don’t even utilise GO, and yet look at the other horrible garbage they have on there night after night.

    They also need to understand that in 2013 a show such as this *needs* to be fastracked! With social media as it is, todays audiences expect to be up-to-date with whats happening on Twitter etc. There’s simply no alternative, especially for a reality program.

    The point is, they have a quality show that millions of people still love to watch. All they have to to is make it accesiable to the right audience. Or infact *any* audience.

  6. Channel 9 have no respect for the loyal fans of Survivor.
    Why should we have to wait another week for the final?
    They do have two other channels, Go and Gem where it could have been shown instead, it has been ridiculous showing it at 10.30pm when it could have been shown earlier instead of endless repeats of Two and a Half Men.
    Put it on at a decent time or give it to another channel please!

  7. David,thanks for your up to date information,we couldn’t do without you.As for channel nine thanks for nothing!Please let another network pick up this brilliant show and let us watch it at a decent time.

  8. This is a pretty poor way to treat the show by Channel 9. The winner was announced in the US before Christmas.

    Everyone should do themselves a favour and find another way to watch it.

  9. I’ve been checking the TV guide and TV Tonight every day wondering where the Survivor final has been moved too. Making us wait another week considering the amount of time we’ve waited just to get to this point of the season is the final straw for me. I’m a believer in supporting the commercial networks… sorry that should be was a supporter! As such I have refrained from illegal downloading. I’m done with watching Survivor on 9, the arrogance of the 9 programmers with this show is just too much for me.

    If the commercial networks were smart about this, they’d offer the shows as they are released overseas on either itunes or equivalent or perhaps do a deal with Foxtel, like we are seeing with Top Gear. Those who want to wait for the TV airing can and the true fans can get it as it becomes available. The networks would lose on ratings, but gain on cash flow. If they don’t they are going to lose more viewers to illegal downloads regardless, which means lower ratings and lower cash flow.

    Thanks for the update David.

  10. Thanks for the information David. Seems you are the only one that is forthcoming with anything helpful on the topic of Survivor. Glad I checked in here as I was getting so frustrated that I was about to go and search for the outcome. Now I will just wait and wait and then record it due to the lateness of it and hopefully continue to avoid spoilers.

  11. So pissed off at ch 9 over this. When I read next weeks TV Week and saw Cycling where the Survivor finale should have been listed I thought are they kidding!!!!!!!!! Like they haven’t made us wait long enough. They’ve shown hours of repeats of comedies, amongst other shows all through summer. Why they couldn’t have been airing double episodes of Survivor instead. I already found out the winner accidentally after it aired in the US. The new season starts to air in the US on Feb 13. I can only hope, and it is a feeble hope, that ch 9 get their act together and air it at the same time.

    1. Carole: yes your comment was awaiting moderation because you did not comply with Comments Policy about no caps. Given I am on Hiatus (and really shouldn’t be doing any work) I think I am providing a pretty decent, free service, so I regret a few hours has been problematic for you on this occasion. As others have noted I work diligently to keep Survivor fans informed, including on my holidays. Thanks.

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