TEN: schedule for first week of ratings

2013-01-27_0104TEN has confirmed its schedule for the first week of the 2013 ratings year and it returns several big name brands.

This is a pretty good line-up, although it is still holding off on Wednesdays where Mr & Mrs Murder is expected to emerge.

Amongst the changes are new Simpsons on Sundays, Graham Norton switching to Sundays and The Living Room now at 8:30pm Fridays.

Sun Feb 10
6:00 The Simpsons (season premiere)
6:30 Bondi Rescue (season premiere)
7:00 Modern Family (season premiere)
7:30 MasterChef: The Professionals
8:30 Elementary
9:30 The Graham Norton Show (new night)
10:30 Movie: Dan in Real Life (rpt)

Mon Feb 11
6:00 The Simpsons (rpt)
6:30 The Project
7:30 MasterChef: The Professionals
8:30 Can of Worms (season premiere)
9:30 Hawaii Five-0
10:30 TEN Late News

Tues Feb 12
7:30 MasterChef: The Professionals
8:30 NCIS
9:30 NCIS: LA (season return)

Wed Feb 13
7:30 Glee
8:30 Movie TBA

Thu Feb 14
7:30 American Idol
9:30 Law & Order: SVU (season return)

Fri Feb 15
7:30 American Idol
8:30 The Living Room (season premiere, new time)
9:30 Glee (rpt)

Sat Feb 16
6:30 David Attenborough’s Africa (season premiere)
7:30 Bondi Vet (season premiere)
8:30 Movie: TBA


  1. It was David – the one where Cam is in costume from CATS while he tries to save a tree. Gloria also pretends to go into labour.

    It was the last new episode that aired before Christmas.

    Bad promoting on Ten’s behalf! Maybe they forgot they aired it…..

  2. So, we sit down, all set to watch the new Modern Family tonight…..only it was a repeat of the last episode aired last year!

    Have a grumpy 8 year old now 🙁

  3. Would it not have made more sense to leave the living room at 7.30pm on a Friday to build on its audience against bh&g and move Idol after it, particularly if glee repeats are (currently) scheduled to 9.30 fridays – you know, pair music with music?! Just a thought.

  4. Can someone explain why Ten would show new episodes of “Glee”on Wednesdays and repeats on a Friday??? It is a continuing serial structure and the repeat eps are at least a year old, which would be very confusing for a casual viewer. I cant see the point in programming the repeats at all.

  5. Looks like a good line-up, except I’m not sure about new episodes of Bondi Vet on Saturdays, but I will watch it no matter what day it is on because I love that show.

  6. White Collar, Burn Notice Blue Bloods, Psych and Vegas can go to One HD where the first 4 shows named were, but Ten have stuffed them around too much.

  7. Looks like a good line up but the Living Room should have remained at 7.30 and I reckon Graham Norton after COW.

    That said the last time I saw Graham Norton it was at 9.30 on Abc2.

    TBL to take Masterchefs time slot and Idol won’t sustain numbers in its time slot so there’s another couple of nights if they decide to strip TBL over more nights. I hope not though.

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