Underground actor plotting against the Logies

2013-01-14_2004Actor Jordan Raskopoulos, who had a supporting role in Underground: The Julian Assange Story, is asking an online forum to vote for him in the Most Popular Actor category in order to deliver a mocking speech at the Logie Awards.

Raskopoulos (pictured, left), who also appeared in The Axis of Awesome and The Ronnie Johns Half Hour isn’t campaigning for a win, but he told SomethingAwful.com forum readers, “It is an award I neither deserve nor respect.”

He is even asking readers to help draft an acceptance speech.

Amongst his suggestions are, “I’m glad we’ve come far enough in this country that we can judge a man by his acting abilities and not simply by his name being on the ‘sex offender registry.’”

And he promises….

“If the opportunity arises I will also
Lick Richard Wilkins
Claim Bert Newton is a reptile with a human facemask
Stroke Costa’s beard.”

Raskopolous is yet to be short-listed as a nominee in the category -that takes place in March- but as one of 103 actors in contention, voters have until February 10 to make his ‘dream’ come true.

More seriously, Raskopolous also notes the online voting form is not geo-blocked, again raising the possibility of international fans (or even those who have no idea what a Logie is) can steer the outcome of popular votes.

Source: Herald Sun


  1. Secret Squirrel – I voted and it’s stated that multiple votes are not allowed. I guess if you wanted to go to the trouble of making up fake names and contact details for multiple votes then you could get away with it, but really, who would bother? Maybe an actor’s publicist might, but that’s no different to publicists buying multiple copies of TV Week in the past and sending in the voting coupons.

  2. @gaz yes it must be all fairly done seeing as a channel 9 ‘personality’ just happens to have won the gold for the last 2 yrs, ok so maybe Hamish was that popular but Karl by all accounts is/was not.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    @Gaz – “This year the voting system is fairer than ever…”

    Really? Presumably your speaking in relative terms as in the ‘Iran has a freer press than North Korea’.

    It’s only the gold logie for which multiple votes are disallowed. You can vote as many times as you like for the other categories. Also, will TV Week be doing anything about network ad campaigns on behalf of their personalities, social media campaigns by the personalities, or other fan forum campaigns such as Neighbours (again)? I didn’t think so.

    The Logies are not fair and most of us can see that they are an embarrassment. Raskopoulos is disrespecting the Logies not the entire industry. You need to turn down your misdirected ill-will.

  4. It amazes me how many people knock the Logies. This year the voting system is fairer than ever, and should be reflected in the short list of nominees when they are realeased. You don’t have to be a reader of TV Week to vote. I hope this actor never works in the industry again because of the lack of respect he shows it. He certainly wasn’t that good in his role that he would be nominated for it.

  5. He doesn’t need to do this to mock the Logies. They’re already a mockery that no one takes seriously. Home & Away leads the nominations every year, it’s produced by a trashy tabloid magazine and Karl Stefanovic won a gold logie. The awards are a joke.

  6. I have vowed to never vote in the Logies, because lets face it, the whole thing is a farce voted by bogan housewives and tweens. But I am willing to break my rule just once to vote for this guy. Good on him for calling out this ridiculous awards show for the joke that it is. For once I’m actually caring for the Logies and I hope he wins it!

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