2.35m as My Kitchen Rules hits season high

2013-02-28_0901The instant restaurant by My Kitchen Rules villains Ashlee and Sophia ensured a huge audience to Seven last night.

The show reached a new season high of 2.35m as viewers tuned in to see if they could put their money where there mouth is. That was higher than the 2.23m for Jessie and Biswa’s cook-off.

In the end they finished second on their leader board while newly-engaged South Australians Lisa and Stefano were sent packing.

That ensured yet another win for Seven, at the expense of the competition.

Seven network shares were 37.6%, Nine 26.2%, ABC 16.5%, TEN 15.2% and SBS 4.5%.

Next for Seven was Seven News (1.24m), Today Tonight (1.05m), Home and Away (1.00m), Last Resort lost more than a million of its lead-in (949,000 / 659,000) and Deal or No Deal (474,000).

Nine News (1.18m) was best for Nine then The Block (1.03m), A Current Affair (966,000), Hot Seat (610,000) and Movie: Life as we Know It (501,000).

ABC News (954,000) topped ABC1 followed by Qi (698,000), 7:30 (677,000), Mad as Hell (574,000), The Agony of Life (573,000), Adam Hills: The Last Leg (456,000) and Would I Lie to You? (367,000).

Mr & Mrs. Murder dropped lightly from last week at 715,000 . It was still second in its slot and well up on its lead in -that’s as much as anybody can ask against the 70 minute MKR episode. Next for TEN were TEN News (701,000), The Project (469,000), Modern Family (2: 367,000 / 1: 357,000), The Simpsons (365,000) and The Good Wife (336,000).

On SBS ONE it was Ewan McGregor: Cold Chain Mission (231,000), Wildest Latin America (171,000), World News Australia (154,000) and Masters of Money (152,000).

Neighbours led multichannels with 292,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 27 February 2013


  1. Its funny because I actually dont mind Ashlee and Sophia. I found myself hating Lisa more and thought she came across as more mean. In saying that I havent totally agreed with everything Ashlee and Sophie had to say.

    The good wife was great last night. Its always better when Michael J Fox stars.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    alvar February 28, 2013 at 11:41 am –
    @Rayne: Make that three. Its not hard to tell that MKR is contrived and scripted.

    So agree…one cannot even call it reality TV…
    I saw a promo…where women were aguing…then they cross to the kitchen where female says something to the effect…I hope they are all having a good time at the table…Oh Please!!

  3. I would like to thank 7 for the double episode of Last Resort last night, as it free’s 2 hours on my already crowded PVR as I have now seen enough of it..
    In regards to watching Ten, while ever they ‘exercise their right’ in an attempt to ram/secrete the bias of their right wing masters into our minds, I and probably many other viewers will ‘exercise their right not to support to support Ten, and judge them harshly, as is being reflected in many low ratings, and is especially evident in shows that would normally rate much higher.
    I for one now record, shows/programs that I previously watched in their entirety for enjoyment, but now only watch my recorded versions just to see how much influence mega rich vested interest can destroy loyalty, and distort the facts, or what is possibly even worse completely ignore news items that may harm their purpose of gaining control of an outlet for their political propaganda.

    I wonder how long it will be before the advertisers that Ten are so desperately needing, wake up, that we are F/F through their ads, so we can watch shows other than the ones Ten have moved to the Dark Side, especially The Project with the Abbott and Co. loving Hughes and Price, and one that I did class as a favorite..

  4. Secret Squirrel

    MKR got big numbers (on a Wed) but not quite the 3 mil some were predicting. MMM did well to only drop a smidge over 10% from last week’s premiere. I’ll watch it tonight.

  5. Double episodes, to me it says we need to get this series done and dusted quickly. I will watch it tonight after I take out the ads, too may promos and if an ad catches my fancy I will watch it but rpeated ads of the same thing over and over again, really it is time that the media was regulated again instead of this self regulation which never works. Just look at how successful the banks were with self regulation for consumers, the banks like it though.

    MKR I know it rates but really I thought Australians could see through contived things but aparently I am mistaken as The Block is also rating. Go figure, or is it that Aussies get sucked into watching thse contrived reality shows.

  6. Thought just occurred to me…rare but happens occasionally..lol.Do you think the networks would or could simply designate on air programming that will repeat on their website?It seems to me it could be done pretty simply,by even just an asterisk if they had a mind to do it.Not having a pvr or dvd recorder,for instance,sometimes sbs and sbs2 will have movies on that overlap..if I knew which one would appear on their website,it’d be an easy decision as to which one I’d decide to watch live.

  7. @Rayne: Make that three. Its not hard to tell that MKR is contrived and scripted.

    I know MKR always steals the headline, but The Block is doing extremely well considering the competition – now topping 1m most nights.

    Mr and Mrs Murder was a big improvement on last week. The storyline about the dog attack had more substance to it and I like the fact that its light and amusing inbetween. There wasn’t a big drop in numbers and it had no lead in so Ten should be pleased.

  8. Mr & Mrs Murder came 10th for the night behind Last Resort ep 1 at 9th, even though there was 200k between them. Ten shouldn’t complain with that when nothing else is working during the week.

  9. When masterchef was at its peak there were lots of “most successful/profitable show ever” type reports. MC only really hit 2mil in its final fortnight, and it has that $50mil lincence fee hanging over it. MKR must be headed to obliterate all records. Quite impressive considering audiences are supposed to be drying up every year.

  10. Nine’s movie was down 340k and Last Resort was down nearly 180k. So Ten would have been hoping Mr & Mrs Murder would have picked up some viewers.

    Still shows normally lose viewers after a heavily promoted premiere so a small loss is not to bad. And the lead in still isn’t great. It would appear that MMM has found a solid audience.

  11. I am unashamedly addicted to MKR,so I couldn’t resist watching last night. Ashlee & Sophia actually cooked better than I would have expected, and Lisa came out looking like the villain.
    You can’t fault the producers for their casting of the contestants this time.

  12. jezza the first original one

    Last resort double episode was a pain in the arse. I fell asleep. It will crash and burn now. MMM has a chance of improving if its any good.. But no one will damage the Death Star of MKR

  13. Last Resort is doing great numbers. Real test for Mr and Mrs Murder will be next week when current lazy Nine programming of movies is replaced by Parade’s End which will split the viewing numbers a little more evenly.

    Good Wife is for the second week in a row doing woeful numbers.

    Seven news in Sydney is being thrashed by Nine News. My advice – go back to the one hour format of the non ratings with couple of Today Tonight stories placed within the hour news. Helen Kapalos is nothing special although has more news credibility than Matt White.

  14. Wow – MKR is unstoppable, which means it will be next year too.

    Nine have the next term sewn up with The Voice. Ditto for next year.

    What to do, Ten? No longer the reality/event TV network. Drama would seem to be their strong point at the moment, even if the numbers are low. They need to keep going with this, launch the Lisa McCune series and get a resurgent Neighbours back on the main channel. With Offspring returning soon, it would seem to be their best chance of rebuilding their brand.

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