Airdate: Drugs in Footy Summit

2013-02-13_0953As the key AFL broadcaster, Seven isn’t about to let Nine’s Footy Classified have all the ‘fun’ tomorrow night, and has scheduled a Drugs in Footy Summit.

With Australian sport and the AFL confronting an unprecedented drug and corruption scandal, 7 News will present a special this Thursday night featuring an expert panel to discuss the revelations that have rocked the football world.

As the fallout continues from the Australian Crime Commission report and an ASADA investigation into the Essendon Football Club, the 7 News ‘Drugs in Footy Summit’ will bring together the most influential voices in the AFL.

Hosted by Bruce McAvaney the panel will include:

· AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou
· Minister for Sport Senator the Hon Kate Lundy
· Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton
· Essendon legend Tim Watson
· Brisbane Lions premiership coach Leigh Matthews
· Geelong premiership captain Cameron Ling
· Richmond footballer and AFLPA delegate Daniel Jackson
· AFLPA CEO Matt Finnis
· Former CEO of ASADA Richard Ings

Seven Melbourne Managing Director Lewis Martin said: “We’ve been told this is the darkest chapter in Australian sport and the AFL, but so many questions remain. And fans deserve some answers. Our panel of experts will delve into the facts and issues around this scandal to give viewers a clearer picture.”

This will air at:
Melbourne 8:45pm Seven.
Adelaide  / Perth 11pm 7mate
Sydney / Brisbane 11:30pm 7mate

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  1. They should put it live on 7mate or Seven as it is a big doping scandal in Australia. Maybe who knows if ONE was a sports channel maybe they would of broadcast it but since TEN undid it in 2011.

  2. cynical old codger

    I think Alan Jones’s ,Ray Hadley’s and Kochie’s anti government rant this morning just about says it all.
    Where some it seems, some are trying to take this event down a side road and into a possible ambush, hoping to have as much info revealed to create defenses, and just what hard evidence exists on who and if any Clubs can be Implicated.
    And if there has been complicity, and just how much they should reveal, just in case they actually put their hands up for something the ACC do not know about at this point of time.

    Why all the non-committal unofficial interviews, because if they,”all athletes and their parent sporting organizations” held similar but separate Major Style Press Conferences as to the one held by the sporting regulators, when making their initial announcement.
    I am sure any number of networks would offer free air time to equally proclaim they have not been involved with organized crime figures “For The Wrong Reasons” nor have they knowingly departed from the drugs in sports regulations, and organizations make exactly the same claims of innocence, it is as simple as that.
    Because at the moment I for one, am torn between a mismanaged premature beat up, or that there many proclaiming they have done no wrong, but who are actually on a self-preservation fishing trip?

  3. I will probably check it out being a footy fan but I am not impressed this is replacing a new episode of bones. Am more interested in watching footy classified at 9.30pm.

  4. I wouldn’t worry about it, judging by some of the participants, there will be a lot of “I can’t reveal this”, “That information is confidential”, etc, etc.

    They kind of put the cart before the horse on this I suspect. A lot of ‘investigations’ but no real hard evidence I suspect. Just trying to flush out people with scare tactics.

  5. Not sure what will be discussed in this show since the ACC and the Government cannot name players or clubs so you won’t get anything out of them yet. Also the AFL are keeping a tight lip too cause even though they are allowed to tell the clubs involved, they don’t have to come public with it. In all this just looks like an AFL/Channel 7 PR excercise. It’ll be funny if the show had betting company advertising in it!

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