Airdate: Mr & Mrs Murder. Returning: The Good Wife.

2013-02-06_1621TEN’s new local drama series (or is that comedy… procedural…?) Mr & Mrs Murder will premiere in a fortnight.

As expected this will be a Wednesday night outing. The series starring Shaun Micallef and Kat Stewart will go up against Seven’s Last Resort, but will also follow Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell on ABC1.

It will be followed by the return of The Good Wife at 9:30pm.

Take murder to the cleaners.

Mr & Mrs Murder are Charlie (Shaun Micallef) and Nicola Buchanan (Kat Stewart), crime scene cleaners whose unique quirks and talents solve the most baffling murder mysteries.

Together they are a superhero. When you combine cerebral Charlie’s monumental mind for facts and figures with crime fiction guru Nicola’s deep sense of justice, observational skills, and empathy, there’s really no place for a killer to hide.

Join the dynamic duo as they tackle baffling whodunnits in the fascinating worlds of musical theatre, fashion, art, a gourmet restaurant, yachting, horse racing, golf, bodybuilding, a hip hotel, plastic surgery, an open range zoo and a country estate wedding.

Starring Shaun Micallef and Kat Stewart in 13 X one-hour episodes, Mr & Mrs Murder is a warm and witty whodunit; a murder mystery with a smile.

8:30pm Wednesday February 20th TEN


  1. the goodwife return yay finally!!! ill be watching last resort then it! mr and mrs murder please what rubbish, crime shows should be taken seriously not comical.

  2. Plaudits to Ch10 for putting their faith in an Aussie series and one on face value that seems a bit quirky – something that we don’t seem to do well if at all. I didn’t know Last Resort had been cancelled so may give that a miss. Like a few TVTonighters, I have a few reservations about it’s success but for me the name is is the biggest drawback – it’s just clumsy.
    Can’t wait for Good Wife – a consistently good show with a great cast and interesting guest stars.

  3. muchoTB….Puberty Blues was totally speaking to the younger generation, all the teen issues are as relevant today as they were back in the ’70’s.

    Puberty Blues just won Best TV Drama at the AACTA awards #justsaying

    Give me the intelligent drama Ten consistently produces over the mindless pap spat out by 7&9.

  4. This is the kind of TV I think is missing from local Productions – a drama with a sense of humour and isn’t all about soapy “who’s sleeping with who” all the time, which is what eventually turned me off Miss Fisher.

  5. Ten and One have great content on Wednesdays.
    @alex, that bird is the award winning Kat Stewart who has been in Underbelly, Tangle and Offspring. I don’t get people who have a go before we have even seen an episode. Australia makes great TV but faces stiff competition. I for one will give it a go.

  6. I don’t care that Last Resort was cancelled, I will be recording that as well as Blue Bloods on ONE, and watching TEN live. We’re outside Ten’s target demo but I find we’re watching it more than we are Nine these days 🙂

  7. carolemorrissey

    I’m not an intellect or critic either and I love Shaun Micallef. I’ve loved all his shows, even the short lived show he had on 9 a few years back, can’t remember what it was called. I find him really funny, but he does have a unique style of humour.

    Rush was another big hit on 10 that only just finished recently, last year or the year before. It ran for quite a few years.

    Yeah I heard Last Resort was cancelled too, so won’t be bothering with that. I’ve been burnt before getting into shows which were cancelled and ended with a cliffhanger, such as Alcatraz, Missing, FlashForward and The Event. It is sooooo frustrating when that happens. If they aren’t absolutely positive it is going to be picked up for a second season they should not end with cliffhangers or when they find out it is, they should tie up the loose ends at least. I was still undecided as to whether to bother with Last Resort so that has made the decision for me.

  8. I agree with Alex, I really don’t see the appeal in John Edwards dramas. No denying Howzat etc were ratings successes but still…I’m not interested at all in anything made by the guy, it seems like all his productions e.g. Puberty Blues, Howzat are aimed at people 40 years or older who remember the 70s, or who remember who the heck Kerry Packer was. Not aimed for my target demographic at all.

    I can see David’s point on Ten’s audience being smaller than Seven’s but the audience will still come if the program hits the right note…just see the 2 million viewers that tuned in every week for Masterchef back in 2010. From what I see Ten churning out every single year it seems to be more of the same…niche productions like Rush, Offspring, Puberty Blues that have a small but loyal audience, popular with critics but not connecting with a larger audience. Ten haven’t aired any local dramas at all in the past 5-10 years that I’ve been interested in watching apart from the Underground telemovie…I’m not sure whether or not they’re just ignoring my target demographic completely or whether they just enjoy targeting middle aged women with their local dramas

  9. Some may want Offspring to be a big hit but it never has been. That’s why when Masterchef was 2 million+ Offspring just after it couldn’t even get 1 milllion, that’s over half its audience gone. But anyway I won’t be talking with deluded minds, time will tell and I look forward to telling you I told you so in a fortnight’s time.

    • It’s really not rocket science to predict that TEN shows will struggle to reach 1 million given the current conditions. We only have to look at MasterChef to see that, or Glee (which will be its lead in) utterly crushed by MKR. A better crystal ball skill would be to tell us the number it will get. A better contribution would be to stop repeating the same arguments. John Edwards has not made M&MM.

  10. I’m not sure how good Last Resort on ch7, it’s already canceled in the US. I think if any show is only going to last a few weeks odds are LR will be gone before Mr &Mrs Murder.

    I’m looking forwards to the new show, personally I like my drama with a good dose of comedy and frankly other local shows like the Rafters is starting to bore me now.

  11. Kudos to Ten for providing alternative commercial drama/dramedy offerings than what can be found on 7 & 9.

    Alex’s arguments are about an era that no longer exists. The way we consume drama, in particular, has changed dramatically and overnight ratings are no longer the only way we judge success or failure.

    Thumbs up to more Australian storytelling, the more, the merrier I say!

  12. Now, let’s see – we record TEN Sunday nights for Modern Family, MCP, Elementary and Graham Norton… Monday nights for MCP and Hawaii 5-0… Tuesday nights for MCP… Wednesday nights definitely for Mr & Mrs Murder & the Good Wife… nothing on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights (the nights all the youngies go out raging).

    So that’s @ 8.5 hours we’ll watch TEN every week. But we’re aged in a demographic commercial TV don’t give a shit about!

    Go figure…

  13. I will be the first to predict that Mr and Mrs Murder will just be another Channel Ten drama flop, the same as what has been happening with all their dramas of the last 20 or so years. A so called “drama” that doesn’t know if it’s a drama or comedy is bound to fail.

    Micallef may be popular with the so called ‘intellects’ and ‘critics’ but not so the masses. The bird that stars with him and that’s also in Offspring and other John Edwards productions is also another wildcard that doesn’t leave a good taste in the mouth of the people.

    Channel Ten really needs to get back to serious drama in line to what made it big and and with what they were renowned for ie. Number 96, Prisoner, Neighbours and E Street. Sad that they haven’t had a drama hit since. Now we are destined to watch Micallef and “whatshername” in all their low rating “profound glory”.

    I look forward to coming back here in a fortnight or so and analysing this low rating rubbish. Why oh why don’t they actually give people what they want for a change? 20 years is a long time for dramas such as this.

    • Alex, you’ve trotted out this argument against John Edwards and TEN many times conveniently overlooking that Secret Life of Us, Offspring, Paper Giants, Beaconsfield, Howzat have all been big hits. Shaun Micallef alone has been voted most popular male by readers of this site for the last 4 or 5 years. None of this guarantees Fremantle’s Mr & Mrs Murder will succeed against heavyweight opposition. You also need to acknowledge the TEN audience is lower than Seven and Nine. But clearly you have no interest in giving it a fair go. Time for some new arguments.

  14. Can’t wait for new The Good Wife. TEN are smart to pair Mr and Mrs Murder with another crime/procedural series, but having Glee as its opener will definitely increase the ratings but not the audience TEN want. They would be better having a high profile procedural opener like Psych (rights TEN already have), Perception (TNT series no Australian network has) or Franklin & Bash (already premiered on FX but meets TEN’s target audience).

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