Another 2.18m for My Kitchen Rules

Ratings: More bumper numbers for MKR -but why didn't the judges intervene between feuding females?

2013-02-26_0934If it’s Monday it must be another stellar night for My Kitchen Rules, and it was -at a huge 2.18m.

Ali and Samuel cooked up an impressive meal for their guests but all the focus was on feuding females -with judges Pete and Manu failing to intervene during heated arguments as the cameras kept on rolling.

Seven network shares were 34.8% then Nine 28.75%, ABC 19.7%, TEN 13.4% and SBS 3.5%.

Next best for Seven was Revenge (1.36m), Seven News (1.22m), Today Tonight (1.03m), Home and Away (983,000), How I Met Your Mother (502,000 / 342,000), Deal or No Deal (454,000). The Mindy Project was 163,000 and Happy Endings was 64,000.

Both Nine News (1.3m) and ACA (1.21m) won their slots for Nine followed by The Block (1.19m), Big Bang Theory (1.12m / 840,000), 2 Broke Girls (712,000), Hot Seat (653,000), and the Academy Awards (replay: 573,000, Live: 503,000). Nine replayed the Oscars in full, ending at 1am.

ABC News (998,000) topped ABC1 followed by Four Corners (858,000), Australian Story and 7:30 (both 744,000), Media Watch (723,000), Q & A (659,000) and Lateline (333,000).

Once again TEN News proved to be the best for TEN on a tough night at 713,000. Other titles were The Project (463,000), MasterChef: The Professionals (443,000), Can of Worms (398,000), The Simpsons (388,000), Hawaii Five-0 (319,000) and TEN Late News (192,000).

World News Australia (186,000) was best for SBS ONE then Mythbusters (147,000), Grand Tours of Scotland (114,000) and Man vs Wild (108,000).

Sunrise: 371,000
Today: 363,000
ABC News Breakfast: 60,000 / 27,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 25 February 2013

32 Responses

  1. As long as the knives remained on the table why should anybody get involved, especially the judges as it their role to do nothing but judge the contestants presentations and that they abide by the cooking rules etc, for anything else that is the EP’s role

    I am much more concerned when Pete and Manu taste and comment on each course before the other contestants have tasted their servings, ( they put words and pre-conceptions in others mouths and minds).

    In fact I feel that the chefs should only hear feedback from their peers after they have tasted each course.

    Pete and Manu should not comment at all till judgement tally time, they could still have some casual banter with the chefs, but only ask about how they prepared each course and what problems they experienced if any, and if and how they would do things differently next time etc.

  2. I know that the lead-in to shows do help, but i just thought that Lateline and Ten’s Late News gap would be closer than what it would be. Good to see those numbers for ABC. Ten just didnt rate at all last night in anything.

  3. @Darcey09.
    Say it as often as you like, but it was TEN’s second highest rated show on Monday.
    And if they got rid of it, what would they replace it with ?
    I’m glad that one of our commercial channels produces a decent news/current affairs program.

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