Another 2.18m for My Kitchen Rules

2013-02-26_0934If it’s Monday it must be another stellar night for My Kitchen Rules, and it was -at a huge 2.18m.

Ali and Samuel cooked up an impressive meal for their guests but all the focus was on feuding females -with judges Pete and Manu failing to intervene during heated arguments as the cameras kept on rolling.

Seven network shares were 34.8% then Nine 28.75%, ABC 19.7%, TEN 13.4% and SBS 3.5%.

Next best for Seven was Revenge (1.36m), Seven News (1.22m), Today Tonight (1.03m), Home and Away (983,000), How I Met Your Mother (502,000 / 342,000), Deal or No Deal (454,000). The Mindy Project was 163,000 and Happy Endings was 64,000.

Both Nine News (1.3m) and ACA (1.21m) won their slots for Nine followed by The Block (1.19m), Big Bang Theory (1.12m / 840,000), 2 Broke Girls (712,000), Hot Seat (653,000), and the Academy Awards (replay: 573,000, Live: 503,000). Nine replayed the Oscars in full, ending at 1am.

ABC News (998,000) topped ABC1 followed by Four Corners (858,000), Australian Story and 7:30 (both 744,000), Media Watch (723,000), Q & A (659,000) and Lateline (333,000).

Once again TEN News proved to be the best for TEN on a tough night at 713,000. Other titles were The Project (463,000), MasterChef: The Professionals (443,000), Can of Worms (398,000), The Simpsons (388,000), Hawaii Five-0 (319,000) and TEN Late News (192,000).

World News Australia (186,000) was best for SBS ONE then Mythbusters (147,000), Grand Tours of Scotland (114,000) and Man vs Wild (108,000).

Sunrise: 371,000
Today: 363,000
ABC News Breakfast: 60,000 / 27,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 25 February 2013


  1. I think it was great that Manu and Pete didnt intervene. Clearly people had things to get off there chest and im not sure you want to get into the middle of the fight with 2 italian mums.

    But I agree with a part Ashlee and Sophia said. Lisa is boring and she is giving out stupid scores.

    I was rapt to see Sam and Ali do well. That team and Dan and Steph are awesome as welll as the WA geeks.

    If Stefano proposes which it looks like he does what are the chances of Ashlee and Sophie saying how tacky doing that on tv.

  2. @mellowman, I agree. Peer scoring is not a great idea as the other contestants will always be strategic and unfair as they are protecting their position on the show. At least with MKR, the judges’ vote is always fair and often nullifies the poor scores given by appalling sports such as Lisa and Stefano. Like you, I am surprised that she has largely flown under the radar with her villainy.

  3. @mellowman – That’s the flaw in programs like this. You cannot have competitors giving scores to other contestants and expect them to play fair. They should, but their greed and ego won’t let them.

  4. I think its strange in MKR how the villain focus this round has not been on the SA team of Lisa and Stefano. They have continued to be bad sports and hand out the lowest scores every instant restaurant (mostly 1s). Last night Lisa gave the Tassie guys a 4 when the night was a complete success. Even Stefano was willing to hand out a 7 but in the end settled for a 4. Something is amiss when the judges are handing out 10s and fellow contestants are giving 7s and 8s. Complete bad sportsmanship. Just terrible.

  5. @ Linnia = 100% correct

    I thought everyone realised that Pete & Manu do not sit at the table all night. It was certainly obvious that they weren’t there for this.

    Although the editing of last nights episode very much foreshadowed what was going to happen, it was very obvious from the audio that the “fight” was not expected. You could hear crew members etc talking in the background.

    Plus the very start of the fight was missed. It must have started between takes and when the crew have realised they’ve quickly got the cameras on them.

  6. I agree with the consensus. Why should Manu and Pete intervene? These women are adults, not children, let them thrash it out. Even if they wanted to, the director probably instructed them not to. I think they were at the table when it happened as there is a reaction shot of Pete’s face when the fight occurred on the MKR Facebook page, with the caption “Awkward!!”, so I’d say the judge’s were at the table at the time, rather than in their trailer.

  7. Lol the judges are loving it! They wouldn’t stop a fight because they know for some reason people want to watch crap like that. Someone could have spat in her face and nothing would have been done.

  8. Thank you Eleven for Supernatural especially for counter-acting against the silly end time for Mythbusters. I love Mythbusters but not what they are doing with it.

    My belated comment about Castle and Downton Abbey. I wasn’t happy about Castle’s start time. I just wish it would start in the 9.40pm range rather than the 9.50pm range (ideally without Downton I’d prefer the 9.30pm range ) . It isn’t good for the show nor the viewers. Although I do understand about the long Downton episodes. But last night wasn’t one of them. I’ll admit it’s why I gave up on long term Australian Dramas on the 2 main commercial networks. I guess it’ll be a permanent thing.

  9. Must admit I was disappointed there wasn’t a comment or even a reaction shot of the judges. I suppose the punters love it but all this emphasis on the bad relations between contestants is wearing a bit thin.

  10. Ouch, MasterChef: The Professionals on those numbers would normally be bumped to a secondary digital multichannel. But TEN have nothing else left in the program cupboard, or is it just a program shelf now? What are they to do?

  11. bettestreep2008

    I did the unthinkable last night – I watched MCP!

    But I do agree with other posters that Ten is destroying the MC brand by persisting with putting it up against My Bitchin’ rules and The Block.

    And the answer is not more Modern family repeats.

    C’mon Mr Howcroft – you are acting CEO – wave your magic wand and fix the mess Murdoch created.

    Viewers and shareholders are worried.

  12. @ Bailey
    Spot on “Trash Tv” thats all it is. How sad that 2 mill \ion odd australians are watching this. maybe 4 corners could do a story on the effects of drinking and what people watch on tv. just sayin!!!!

  13. MKR will absolutely rate through the roof tomorrow night when the villans cook – I predict 2.5m.

    Can of Worms and Hawaii 5-0 needs to get the boot to 11 with those numbers – more repeats of Modern Family?

  14. I’m surprised revenge is still rating so well. I watched the first season and didn’t mind it. There was enought to keep me interested from week to week but it was by no means a favourite. This year I watched the first couple and the second episode I was so bored I could no longer watch.

  15. Despite all this MKR talk, did anyone notice that Can of Worms and Hawaii Five O have both failed again and Masterchef will continue to flounder against MKR. Just do a Sunday night super Masterchef starting at 6.30 if it must be shown as it cannot compete against MKR.

  16. I thought it was weird that pete&manu seemed to be completely absent, but definitely don’t think they should have intervened. That it was raw and natural was what made it great.

  17. We know why they didn’t intervene, it brings in the ratings.

    I never knew that so many people love to watch the cattiness/poor behaviour. I’m surprised the Shire didn’t rate well then.

  18. Did it even happen while the judges were there? Maybe it happened not long after they arrived and edited to look as though it happened during the time after the judges had arrived.

  19. Ok so it may be still be getting the ratings etc we can see it’s all about the drama–let’s see who’s more meaner or bitchier & how many mistakes can happen in the kitchen or whatever may pop up etc seriously what a load of rubbish hate seeing the promo’s too, can’t wait for the show to be over seems to be dragging on and on…. prefer to watch Masterchef!

  20. Survivor is Survivor, it is about forcing people to compete while living together under tough circumstances.

    MKR is just about competitive dinner partying. They are not naughty school children. The could have edited it out, edited some other stuff in, or added voice overs. But obviously they didn’t want to. It’s there show now Probst’s.

    • Maybe they didn’t need to intervene, but they needed to respond. On Survivor Jeff Probst lets players have it out at Tribal Council then comes in as the voice of reason for the audience. I can’t imagine on Big Brother Gretel Killeen ever having sat silent if two contestants were going hammer and tongs. But on MKR we didn’t even get a reaction shot of judges during their brawl, just a voice over from Manu on the tension afterwards.

      I asked Seven if they were present at that time and was advised yes.

  21. Sorry David – why should the judges have to intervene? They are all adults at the table, and it’s clear that the NSW team are disliked by everyone. I’m glad the girls from Victoria gave it to them, good quality trash TV!!

  22. I doubt they were there. Manu said in a pre-season interview that during the dinner parties he and Pete are in their trailer between courses, they only turn up when the contestant advise production that they are ready to serve.

  23. The Block wishes it was 1.94m, was only 1.194m

    I <3 MKR – the Judges obviously didn't intervene because the producers wanted to broadcast the drama.

    I was actually expecting a bit more of an explosive fight. Can't wait to see Ashlee & Sophia cook tomorrow night!

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