Beyoncé live wows Super Bowl

Photo1 (1)by6After bad press over her lip-syncing of the national anthem at the Obama Inauguration, Beyoncé silenced her critics with a powerhouse performance at Super Bowl‘s Half Time show.

By the looks of things Beyoncé sang live, with perfect pitch amid frenzied choreography, pyrotechnics and dazzling effects. She arrived in black leather on a kaleidoscope stage, accompanied to the words of American football coach Vince Lombardi: “The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure.”

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She looked every inch a superstar as she opened with Crazy in Love, supported by a bevy of sexy dancers and a screaming audience. Beyoncé was a gyrating tower of billowing hair and long legs, working the camera like a tigress.

Singing a medley of hits she performed Till the End of Time, Baby Boy and was joined by former Destiny’s Child stars Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for Bootylicious, Independent Women Part 1 (complete with a Charlie’s Angels nod to John Forsythe) and Single Ladies.

She ended a dynamic show with Halo.

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Super Bowl‘s battle between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens is repeated tonight at 7pm on ESPN and 11:10pm on ONE.

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  1. Wasn’t great, wasn”t terrible… just was. Nothing compared to Madonna’s incredible performance last year – and agree BrookeP, she hardly sang, just did vocal gymnastics and lots of “woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohs” and “ughs!”. The finale of Halo was the standout by far… Michelle Williams may as well have stayed home.

  2. Brilliant half-time performance by Beyoncé. Far better than Madonna’s last year. It was also good to see Destiny’s Child reunite, which offered a little variety, and it was way better than Madonna’s performance last year.

  3. Very underwhelming – I was expecting so much more from her, considering she has been rehearsing for months. It seemed like a normal live performance she would do at some concert, and there was no new music?!

    It seems she sung the entire thing live, besides a few lines of Halo, which is understandable.

    Oh, and what was with that Destiny’s Child performance? Kelly was fine, but that other one… jeez, how did they let her on the stage? She was so stiff! There microphones were way too low to hear a word they sung.

    Watched half of a very long and boring football game for this… disappointed. 🙁

  4. I thought it was an excellent production, Every shot looked scripted and rehearsed to give an extremely tight show technically and visually. Cudos to the lighting, staging, costume and visual designers too.

  5. It was “Independent Women Part 1” David. Geez.

    Amazing show, although if you’ve followed her performances throughout her career, there wasn’t one thing I noticed that she hasn’t done in some performance before. Having said that, Beyonce proves the critics wrong and IMO proves she’s the best performer out there today.

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