Bumped: Before the Game

2013-02-10_0025TEN is moving Before the Game back to Saturday nights this season, following Nine’s decision to move The Footy Show to the earlier time of 8:30pm Thursdays.

At least they haven’t ditched the show altogether.

Going head to head with Nine’s dominant AFL show would have been a fatalistic move.

Nine also has Footy Classified in the pie-warmer slot of 9:30 Thursdays for the next three weeks.

Now all we need is for NITV to confirm Marngrook Footy Show will air at 7:30pm Thursdays when it returns.


  1. cynical old codger

    Careful people the final whistle has not blown as yet, and if there is too many more giving BTG the thumb’s up, and if Ten runs true to form, they will probably kill it off.

  2. I use to love this show when it lead into the football (and even in the very early days followed the match) but now its irrelevant and out-dated.

    Very sad really…10 should never have lost Saturday afternoon/night football…at least it got eye balls to their station and they could have a platform for cross promoting even if they broke even on AFL itself.

    People often undervalue the cross promoting platform. I truly believe Tennis on 7 in summer is the reason they jump the gates every year……..

  3. Interesting- I’m going to suggest this was a pre-emptive strike by Nine. Newman said at the launch of Nine’s 2013 programming that he felt that BTG was a real challenger to TFS. I’m not suggesting that Nine was daring Ten to put BTG mano a mano with TFS, but certainly Ten did take the prudent move to make sure BTG didn’t suffer the indignity of taking a beating. It also shows Ten’s faith in the program.

  4. Seven shouldn’t have the football, ten may have failed at most things but there footy broadcasting was the best. Sam Newman at 8:30? yeah that’ll work, what could possibly go wrong???

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