Foxtel Go now on iPhone, iPod and adds FOX Sports.

GO screen_Ipad_v9Foxtel Go is available to watch on iPhone*, iPod Touch*, iPad and iPad mini and now includes all three FOX Sports channels.

From March Foxtel Go will offer more than 50 live channels plus hundreds of TV and movie catch-up titles.

Jim Rudder, Foxtel Executive Director of Product said, “We’re thrilled to expand Foxtel Go to iPhone and the addition of sport across three new channels that can be watched from anywhere you have an internet connection in Australia. By making Foxtel Go available on iPhone, a whole new set of customers will be able to watch their favourite shows while on the train, on holiday, or even just out in the garden.

“More content and more devices has always been the next step in Foxtel’s evolution and the Foxtel Go App rounds out Foxtel’s IPTV offer. In the future, customers can expect to see Foxtel Go on more compatible devices including Mac, PC and Android, and very shortly we will add more live channels including movie channels and popular documentary and
entertainment channel brands.”

FOX Sports on Foxtel Go will now showcase The Ashes and the British and Irish Lions Rugby Tour Live, 5 Live matches each full round of the NRL Telstra Premiership and Live coverage of every match in the 2013 Super Rugby season.

It will also include the Hyundai A-League and Barclays Premier League ahead of their World Cup qualification campaign for Brazil 2014.

FOX Sports Chief Executive, Patrick Delany, said: “This is a real game-changer for sports fans in what is a massive year of sport in 2013.”

“Foxtel Go was already a revolutionary product and it is now a must-have for all sports fans with the inclusion of the three FOX Sports channels, joining Speed and Fuel TV to offer the same incredible sports experience on iPhone and iPad that is available on television through Foxtel,” he said.

Other Live sports will include the Australian cricket tour of India; all four tennis Grand Slams; every Golf Major; the USPGA Tour; the Nationwide and LPGA Tours; and US sports such as the NHL.

With all three FOX Sports channels joining Foxtel Go, the ‘Sports Play’ channel will be removed from the App.

*Foxtel Go requires an iPad, iPad mini or iPhone running an operating system v5.0 and higher. Requires iPhone 4 or higher. Also available on iPod Touch 5th Generation.


  1. Thanks for following up David. Indeed, now that play has started I can confirm that it is showing in the app. Seeing the blackout card in the app while waiting for the coverage to start combined with the less than clear description on the website got me a little worried!

  2. David, I’m curious if Foxtel promoted the fact that the current cricket in India would be available on Foxtel Go? I just brought out the iPad for the start of the first test and apparently the India series is blacked out (

    • The ‘blackouts’ are for replays of Aus v India from last summer, which are airing around the breaks in current coverage of India v Aus in India. The blackout on the replays are because FOX Sports doesn’t have rights for domestic cricket (incl, Test cricket played in Aus).

  3. [email protected]

    It is a bit odd how foxtel has IPTV through this app, through xbox, through tbox, through samsung tvs, and in a way they are all separate and slightly different in terms of content and who has access.

    Surely it is time for them to merge all of these into a standard “Foxtel Go” experience, with the same channels on each? They could also make it more consistent as to who gets access – Foxtel go is free if you subscribe to foxtel normally, but you can’t pay for it on it’s own. Foxtel on xbox you can pay for on it’s own, but if you already have regular foxtel you have to pay again.

    I would merge all these devices under the “foxtel go” umbrella, and then base all your subscriptions on the number of devices you can register. E.g. foxtel customers could get free access to ‘foxtel go’ on one additional device (be it an ipad, an xbox in another room, or their pc), they could then pay an additional fee to add more devices. It should also be possible to buy one or more foxtel go licenses on their own, this would replace the current ‘foxtel on xbox’ and ‘foxtel on tbox’ subscriptions.

    Sky Go in the UK is similar to this

  4. Funny thing is when they finally release to Android it will be a flop because like all Android users i will have already accessed what they have to offer elsewhere.
    Also wonder if Android will have the same campaign spend / promo time as the iOS stuff receives now?
    I also have an ipad but my “GO” device is Android… another Foxtel fail for not meeting it’s customers needs.

  5. nah… apparently android having 70% world wide market share vs apple’s 20%, and the dominate market share of Australia doesn’t mean android gets an app….

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