Game of Thrones: full trailer

At last, the full trailer for Season Three of Game of Thrones is revealed.

This will premiere in Australia on April 1st on Showcase, express from the US.


  1. The problem with A Song of Fire and Ice is that it is a fantasy trilogy with 4 very long books on the civil war inserted into the middle, so that I have grown old and it still hasn’t ended.

    I enjoyed the first couple of books but after that the series got bogged down and the main plot and characters were put on the back burner. I stopped reading the series and sold my books on ebay (before they yellowed and fell apart).

    It will be interesting to see how the series handles things once the story becomes a series of totally disconnected sub-plots where little happens. I’m hoping they will start condensing so that it won’t take 7 years to finish that will get the ending done before it gets axed.

  2. The trailer looks great. The dragon looks fantastic, really impressive CGI for a tv series. I cannot wait for this to come back on as the last 8 months has been total torture

  3. Just finished the second book, about to start watching season 2 again – getting ready for season 3!
    The books are terrific by the way.
    Just the music in the intro of each episode gives me goosebumps!
    (Like the music at the start of Walking Dead, after the recap & intro gives me chills!)

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