Gran to appear in new Chris Lilley project?

Filming has reportedly been underway at one of the locations where Gran's scenes were filmed for Angry Boys.

2013-02-23_0145Details about Chris Lilley’s new series were next to absent in a recent Press Release by Princess Pictures and the ABC this week.

But the Sydney Morning Herald has tipped that Gran (Angry Boys) will feature in the series.

Filming has reportedly been underway at one of the locations where Gran’s scenes were filmed for Angry Boys.

Gran played a prison officer at the fictional Garingal Juvenile Justice Centre for teenage boys but left the prison service and moved back to the country town of Dunt by the end of the series.

No title was announced in the ABC Release but according to a source it has the working title Yellow Pants. However, that’s likely to be a red herring.

The six-part half-hour comedy series will air in 2013, will also air on BBC3.

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  1. Gran was a decent character, but I’m not sure how well she will work outside the setting of the correctional facility.

    And what about her partner Penny? Did they separate when Gran had to move to live with her family?

  2. Good too see it scaled back to 6 eps, angry boys dragged on way too long.

    I vote Phil Olivetti or Extreme Darren. Just so long as there is no s*mouse.

    @beckala. Mr. G has had two series as well, first appearing in Big Bite, then summer heights.

  3. I love Gran!! But I’m desperate to see more Jonah – as a schoolteacher, gotta say that character is So real!! In the past 3 years, I’ve taught 3 Jonahs!! And Mr G would be great too.

    J Bar – I doubt he’d bring back Ja’mie as she’s had two series.

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