Is Chris Lilley reviving Ja’mie?

Exclusive: Chris Lilley is set to play a Year 12 female student -but is it Ja'mie King?

2013-02-28_0100EXCLUSIVE: Is Chris Lilley set to revive Ja’mie King? Maybe…

TV Tonight understands Lilley’s secret ABC project includes a principal character of a private school female student who has the hots for a dumb Year 12 rugby player.

While she’s “cray” for footballers and has an African named Kwami staying at her house, the character is being referred to as Raquel, not Ja’mie. Random.

But that could be a red herring to try and keep details under wraps.

An earlier report suggested the series may bring back the character of Gran and that a supposed ‘Yellow Pants’ title was also a red herring.

Watch this space…

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  1. One of the driving characters of his first two shows was Ja’mie, so I hope he does bring her back as she was simply outrageous and such a bitch. But all in the best possible taste.

  2. I think he’s really talented playing Ja’mie, it was funny. As long as he doesn’t go overboard as he did with Angry Boys which I just couldn’t watch because the language was so bad.

  3. Ja’mie or Jamie is one of the best scripted comedy/drama characters anywhere. He really pulled together all the traits of a ‘popular’ private school dumb teen. Genius

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