Kate Ritchie returning to Home and Away

2013-02-11_0937Kate Ritchie is returning to Home and Away five years after her emotional departure as Sally Fletcher.

Seven is selling the return as a special story arc as the show celebrates 25 years, to air over a number of months later this year.

The two-time Gold Logie winner played Sally Fletcher for 20 years, growing up before a nation’s eyes. Since exiting Ritchie has enjoyed radio commitments and appeared in Underbelly, Cops LAC, co-hosted the ARIA Awards and narrated Don’t Tell The Bride.

“There will be a wonderful sense of familiarity stepping back into Sally’s shoes for a while,” she says. “Summer Bay is a very different place these days and I am looking forward to working with all the fresh faces that have continued to take Home and Away from strength to strength.

“It will be a good opportunity to catch up with some old mates too! Those cast and crew I worked with for so many years are who I have missed the most.”

Series Producer Lucy Addario says: “We are thrilled Kate is returning to Home and Away. Sally holds such a special place in the heart of the show and we trust fans will be as excited as we are to watch her story unfold and follow Sally’s journey again.”

She will commence filming in the coming weeks.


  1. She only returned after realizing she wasn’t a bigger star than she thought and couldn’t get a job anywhere else. How sad, I’m not saying it was bad shes back in home and away but why not stay??

  2. I knew this was going to happen. When you play one character for 20 years of course you’re going to be typecast as the good girl. Why is that a bad thing? It would have gave her a stable income and earnt her plenty more Gold Logies I suspect. Turning down a role in Winners & Losers (which she reportedly did) to unconvincingly play a cop in that pathetic Channel 9 show was the worst mistake of her career.

  3. It will be good to have her back and also i heard Esther Anderson is returning too. Wonder how that will happen. Dream sequence maybe?

    The show has changed so much since she left though. Grew up with Home and Away and Sally. Be good to see her again.

  4. I haven’t watched H&A for a few years now, not long after Sally left I would say, but I will definitely check out her return, the show just hasn’t been the same without her.

  5. Summer bay sure is a very different place theese days it is the most dangerous place on earth sorry but not even sally could get me to watch it again

    only thing that would get me to watch it again would be if they got rid of all of everyone except alf brought back pippa and ian or whoever she is married to now and the show was about fostering kids and running a caravan park but i wouldnt blame pippa if she didnt want to come back because summer bay has the same effect on her husbands as bea smith from prisoner dose on people she
    dosent like

  6. Great to see her back on H&A she is prob the face of the show, though I would of really liked if she made it in the U.S doing movies over there etc- not sure if she gave that a go? Thought that would have expanded her experience etc either way good to see her back on our screens.

  7. home and away. a show about foster kids… 25 years later its a show about drugs, people smugglers and everyone sleeping with everyone… and Alf is some how still relevant…

  8. I might start watching H&A again after a long break from that program.
    Good thing for Kate Ritchie too, as her ventures post Home & Away have all been duds – I’ll always think of her as Sally.

  9. More like 25years. I hope she gets to fold some caravan park washing at the kitchen table just like the good ole days. Will be great to see her back.

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