Mike Willesee interviews James Packer

vlcsnap-jpJames Packer has given an interview to Seven’s Sunday Night.

Mike Willesee interviews the multi-billionaire about his casinos, his father, his friendship with Tom Cruise.

A tearful Packer says of his father, “His doctor rang and said he’s got 24 hours to live. Dad knew and he didn’t tell me.”

The James Packer Interview
It’s James Packer as you’ve never seen him before. In this revealing interview with Sunday Night’s Mike Willesee, nothing is off limits. Packer opens up about his fortune, his father and even his famous friend, Tom Cruise. Willesee goes on the road with Australia’s six billion dollar man – a whistle-stop tour of Packer’s booming business empire – from Melbourne to Macau, Singapore to Perth, and back to Sydney. Witness the limousines, the private jets and the most luxurious hotel suites in the world. Along the way the two men form a bond that produces the most intimate, raw and emotional interview ever done with a member of the Packer dynasty. Willesee had interviewed James’ father Kerry in the past, and knew the late billionaire well. Willesee’s connection with his father clearly means a lot to James Packer as he opens up about the highs and lows of his remarkable life – his childhood, the break-up of his first marriage, the collapse of One. Tel, his fight with depression and the last conversation he had with his father. Now a father of three himself, James Packer is back with a vengeance and reveals his grand vision – not just for his business but for Australia. An interview not to be missed.

Arak Attack
Last week Sunday Night told the heart-wrenching story of Liam Davies, who died from methanol poisoning while on holiday in Indonesia – despite knowing the dangers, and taking all the right precautions. The response from viewers was overwhelming. This week, Ross Coulthart’s investigation continues with a 25-year-old nurse and her mum telling their frightening story after she was poisoned in Bali with methanol added to their fruit juice ‘cocktail.’ After collapsing in a coma, Jamie’s mum was forced to withdraw money from a cash machine before hospital staff would treat her daughter. Now the young woman has been left with permanent brain injuries from the incident. Another chilling story from one of Australia’s favourite holiday destinations.

6:30pm Sunday on Seven.


  1. Agree Dave. Was nota big fan of nine when Kerry ran it but wow, what a passion he had to make nine what it was. An absolute legend. Certainly missed!!!!

  2. I reserve my comment on this interview until it’s done. I hope that all bases are covered. His dad did more for the TV industry in this country that noone else has done IMO. I just wish James had the same passion for television in this country that Kerry had

  3. Armchair Analyst

    I hope Mike doesnt go easy on James Packer, because if he does then it will be another buddy interview where there are no tough questions being asked.

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