MKR tops Monday but A Current Affair beats Today Tonight

Ratings: My Kitchen Rules dominates Monday but Nine wins the first battle between a new look TT and ACA.

2013-02-12_0958Monday night was a two horse race between Seven and Nine, tipped in Seven’s favour thanks in no small part to another solid outing by My Kitchen Rules.

The cooking show took 1.8m viewers, although The Block rose to 1.14m viewers for the first room reveal. MasterChef: The Professionals trailed on just 567,000 just over half the numbers of its Sunday audience.

Seven won the night with a network share of 32.2% then Nine 29.8%, ABC 19.9%, TEN 14.2% and SBS 3.9%.

In the battle between a revamped Today Tonight and A Current Affair, Nine won the first round. Seven lost in all three East Coast cities but won in Adelaide and Perth.

Following MKR for Seven was Revenge (1.3m), Seven News (1.19m), Today Tonight (1.03m), Home and Away (993,000), How I Met Your Mother (583,000) and Deal or No Deal (482,000). The Mindy Project struggled on just 169,000 and Happy Endings was 108,000.

A new Big Bang Theory (1.28m / 1.09m rpt) was best for Nine then Nine News (1.23m), The Block (1.14m), ACA (1.14m), Person of Interest (601,000 / 344,000) and Hot Seat (569,000).

ABC News (980,000) topped ABC1 then 7:30 (903,000), Australian Story (827,000), Four Corners (742,000), Media Watch (715,000), Q & A (652,000). Lateline was 312,000.

It was a tough night for TEN with TEN News (698,000) its best performer then MasterChef (567,000), The Project (527,000), The Bold & The Beautiful (416,000), The Simpsons (387,000), Can of Worms (351,000) and Hawaii Five-0 (256,000).

World News Australia (170,000) led SBS ONE followed by Man vs Wild (144,000) and Mythbusters (128,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with 296,000 viewers.

Sunrise: 364,000
Today: 332,000
ABC News Breakfast: 42,000 / 31,000

Monday 11 February 2013

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  1. It’s astounding how this vent fest results in absolute uselessness. There are no answers to any questions & the variety of complaints is endless. Australian television is worse than a visit to a sanitarium for the criminally insane. Oh wait, Australia is a sanitarium for the criminally insane!

  2. It’s a shame that MasterChef doesn’t rate better as it is a great show. Big mistake putting it up against MKR. I guess they thought starting it a couple of weeks earlier may have worked, but it didn’t. Be interesting to see how the regular one rates later in the year when not against MKR. I love Can Of Worms and Hawaii Five-0 too. Hawaii Five-0 is huge in the US, not sure why it doesn’t rate that well over here. Probably not a good idea to put Can Of Worms against Revenge.

  3. TEN should do this twice year and Live and it could resulted in more viewers if they get this show away from high rating shows which will be a smart thing to do. I just hope TEN lets this show run instead of axing it or any shows as they need to build on their shows and bring back low rating shows in the summer non-ratings period or it could be used in the days that Cricket is not on TEN or even 9 as they are in negotiations

  4. Sure I may have got most of my economic prowess from Tony Joe and Barnaby, but I may have solved most of Ten’s revenue problems, of course with all investments, insider trading claims must be considered.
    My suggestion’s that Ten, raid the lunch room staff smoko kitty Cans( probably total up to more than revenue earnings), then Max Bet on Ten bombing out in 2013 ratings, and invest what is left in networks’ 9′ & ‘ 7’ shares.
    Whilst doing so, also Promo heavily as “Coming Soon” , every known popular series, regardless if they the rights to them or not, who cares.
    When investments are finalized, they should then let all these promo’s just fade away, and announce another New, Exciting and Programming format for 2013 such as…
    Yes Folks Heeeee’s Back! after popular demand by Lachlan, It’s “Paul Henry”, he will be joined by Mr Andrew Bolt, and between them, they will appear for 6 hours “every” night for the entire ratings period, and during that period ‘ all adds’ on Ten will be only shown on the ” Paul Henry Show”( as he didn’t get a chance to insult them ‘all’ during his short 10 month stay)….Mr Bolt will still continue to have as guests right wing pollies, and the usual right and left wing tired old sad faced ex-pollies with their bitter axes to grind.

    Offered to Network Ten for gratis and a non commission basis,(if in doubt seek financial help from Barnaby Barnaby Barnaby), and do not forget to always eat at Marco’s Marco’s Marco’s

  5. Leave Can of Worms as it is, I watch Revenge on Tuesday nights while MKR is on and Hawaii 50, I really can not understand why , but I guess David hit the mark when he said the competition is so strong, Put Masterchef on of a Sunday night and Thursdays like some one else said.

  6. I stopped watching MKR when the spice girls left! the show is so boring now I watch Masterchef instead now which is more about the food! Can of Worms is great hopefully it’ll pick up once viewers find things get boring- hate the block so fake.
    Bring back the spice girls I say!

  7. Can Of Worms was great last night! The Live format is shaping up really well. I will definitely be watching Rebel Wilson & Arj Barker on next week! its a shame about Masterchef too…. for me it is definitely the better program!

  8. All the comments have been to axe COW and on those numbers who can disagree. I just think the competition is too strong at 8.30 Monday for anything to survive against BBT and Revenge.

    What about the continued abject failure of Hawaii Five-O??? Ten keeps perservering with it. Why?

  9. I agree with David Knox – the problem is the competition, not the product. I thought Can of Worms was really good last night and Chrissie is great with Live TV. I hope TEN leave it there to try and slowly build more of an audience.

  10. I watch both Masterchef and MKR at the same time – just switch back and forth during the commercial breaks, which are sooooo long you can see a whole segment on the other channel. They rarely co-incide, so you miss very little. And as MKR finishes later, you always get the final results.


  11. Can of Worms needs to be axed based on those numbers.. If channel 10 was smart they would remove masterchef away from MKR. 6:30 to 8:30 on sunday and an episode on thursday would at least get 1 million viewers. Also ten should be displaying tweets on TV, Masterchef was what really started the TV tweeting but everyone has jumped ship and gone to MKR.

    1. I rather like the synergy between CoW as an entree into Q&A on Mondays, but the problem now is the competition not the product.

      I was in the audience last night and everything seemed to run very well. Chrissie works better Live than pre-recorded. Changing nights so soon sends out a bad message.

  12. Last night on masterchef the two first people to comment on the episode were michael and cameron and you just knew they were going to be up for elimination at the end of the episode. Too much of a give away. Didn’t enjoy MKR much last night. Have found the teams in the first round of instant restaurants much more interesting.

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