More Doctor Blake Mysteries on the way

3dbmmIt’s not official as yet, but TV Tonight hears whispers that The Doctor Blake Mysteries is set for a second season with the ABC.

Scripts are said to be well-advanced for more of the period drama starring Craig MacLachlan and Nadine Garner.

Last week the show was the top rating show on ABC1, pulling 950,000 and on those numbers it isn’t hard to see why it will get the green light.

And that’s without factoring in iview and Timeshifted numbers (Friday Feb 15 netted another 147,000 viewers).


  1. Blake to me seems anarchronistic- he certainly would be a doctor more suited for our more caring times, but stuck in a world of rigid morals and traditions. It’s hard to believe that policemen then seemed a power unto themselves. I mean, we’ve seen it in shows like Life on Mars, where the policemen seemed just as tough and bruising as the criminals they fought, but not in a country town in post war Victoria. And so to Dr. Blake, who support of the underdog seems like one man against a wall of brick and mortar- but he climbs over it.

    Looking forward to seeing more about his background, and what happened to him during World War II.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I was never a mad fan of Craig…but he has definately come of age in this series…and yes…I see Dr. Blake…not Craig…I know this doctor and these places from my past….albeit my setting was Sydney…
    And as previously stated here,,,by me…love the whole package….which did concern me…most shows I like have a habit of tanking…really pleased this one did not.

  3. I’ve never been a fan of Craig McLachlan, but I think he is excellent playing Lucien Blake. As with Miss Fishers Mysteries, the attention to detail on Dr. Blake is brilliant.

  4. Sorry I don’t mean to sound negative but I have never been a fan of Craig MacLachlan and Nadine Garner am sure they’re probably nice people but I definately won’t be watching!

  5. Some of the supporting actors and the writing are a bit wobbly, but it is reasonable well done. McLachlan is good as Dr Blake.

    The ABC has found a market catering to people that the commercial networks aren’t much interested in. And they should be able to get some sales for them.

  6. I wasn’t sure about the first episode , but I have warmed to the show. I see Lucien and don’t think ‘Craig McLachlan’ and Nadine Garner is excellent. It seems strange to see them both as older grown ups, it must mean I am old too!! I like it far better than Miss Fisher.

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