Mr & Mrs Murder: Feb 27

Episode two of Mr & Mrs Murder airs on TEN tomorrow night, with Kate Ritchie as guest star.

2013-02-26_1332Episode two of Mr & Mrs Murder airs on TEN tomorrow night, with Kate Ritchie as guest star.

It’s going to be a big call for TEN, given it will air against the MKR episode with Ashlee & Sophia cooking off. Seven is even keeping the episode under wraps from media.

A far cry from last week’s hip hotel tonight, our Mr & Mrs Murder, Charlie and Nicola Buchanan, find themselves in an affluent golfing community, cleaning up the remains of a former golf champion Keith Skinner (played by Merrick Watts) who was mauled by a dog.

Using an out-of-place photograph, a common dog trick and a disappearing golf hole, Nicola and Charlie uncover the murderer. However Nicola’s worst fear is realised when the terrifying dog is turned onto them. How will Nicola and Charlie escape the jaws of death?

Plus special guest star Kate Ritchie joins the cast as veterinary nurse Celeste.

Could she have a hand in the demise of the sporting hero?

8:30pm Wednesday on TEN.

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  1. I caught this on one of the replays of ep 1 and it ain’t bad. Looking forward to ep 2. I hope it does well and shows there’s an audience for something more interesting than the seemingly endless tsunami of reality crud.

    Good to see someone doing a local crime series set in the present too. The ABC is doing some good work with Doctor Blake and Miss Fisher’s but their obsession with past times does become a bit tiresome after a while.

  2. My mind was drifting initially in ep. one…but then it started to grab my interest….I will watch ep. two…
    To quote ‘mj’…I couldn’t care less about My Bitchin’ Rules….*G*
    But…it will be on catchup…as I like ‘Vera’ on 7TWO …Wed. nights.

  3. I think it would be fair to assume, that if you don’t watch it and ratings are low, then they will repeat it later in the week, maybe Saturday at 4.00pm. Plus I am sure it will be available online as well, an easy one to skip…

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