Nine: schedule for first week of ratings

Cricket, The Block, Person of Interest and Big Bang Theory are locked into Nine's schedule for the first week of ratings.

2013-02-02_0004Nine has now locked in most of its first week of ratings.

Cricket plays Sunday and Wednesday, The Block is Monday to Friday and there is plenty of Big Bang Theory.

The Block varies from 30 minutes to a whopping 100 minutes (now that’s just overkill) and there are also late night repeats. Even Funniest Home Videos runs for 70 minutes.

Nine’s Andrew Backwell this week indicated other shows would begin when cricket commitments were over.

I’ve listed the new and repeat content where it’s clear and some I am unsure about so I’m just listing the titles.

Sun Feb 10
6:00 Nine News
6:30 One Day Series
10pm TBA

Mon Feb 11
6:30 A Current Affair
7:00 The Block (new)
8:40 The Big Bang Theory (new)
9:10 The Big Bang Theory (rpt)
9:40 Person of Interest (new)
10:40 Person of Interest (rpt)
11:35pm The Block (rpt)

Tues Feb 12
7:00 The Block (new)
8:00 The Big Bang Theory (new)
8:30 The Big Bang Theory (rpt)
9:00 Two Broke Girls (new)
9:30 Two and a Half Men (new)
10:00 Anger Management (new)
10:30 Embarrassing Bodies
11:30 The Block (rpt)

Wed Feb 13
7:00 The Block (new)
7:30 Twenty20 Cricket
10:30 Top Gear: Fifty Years of Bond Cars (rpt)

Thu Feb 14
7:00 The Block (new)
8:40 The Mentalist (new)
9:40 CSI (new)
10:40 CSI: NY
11:35 The Block (rpt)

Fri Feb 15
7:00 The Block (new)
8:00 The Big Bang Theory (rpt)
8:30 Movie: Life As We Know It
10:55 Movie: Man About Town

Sat Feb 16
6:30 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos (new)
7:40 Movie: Shrek Forever After

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  1. @[email protected]

    Yes they are required to list repeats. But sometimes they just happen to screw up, or substitute repeats for new episodes too late the repeat information to appear in the guides till after the episode has shown.

    Though with more frequent updates for EPGs it happens less than it used to.

  2. I’ll admit I don’t mind Person of Interest on Monday especially the repeats. But I won’t watch them if they can’t play the end of the first season (last few episodes) and start of the second season. Mainly because of spoilerish developments and relationships between the characters. I hope other people can enjoy the series. I know I was. Thank you for the repeats you could play.

  3. Hi David, Embarrassing Bodies is a repeat and CSI: NY is returning with new episodes this Thursday (07/02) (CSI: NY is new). Also Life As We Know It and Shrek Forever After are movie premieres.

  4. @Ann February 2, 2013 at 3:15 pm –
    With weak cricket teams here this summer, I am sure cricket rating will suffer

    I wouldn’t suggest the south africans who were here last november were week, nor the sri lankans(who won the ODI’s and the 2 T20s, did lose the test series though).

  5. @[email protected]……They probably think we should be grateful if they actually air any story content (Rpt or otherwise) among their many Adds and Promo’s, and if they ever labeled them as Rpt’s, they would run out of ink
    In regards to Rpt’s, if you have a spare hour or so, pick out all that you plan to watch, then go into the respective networks online TV guide, select the day, then,-now/next-morning- afternoon-evening-late etc.. find your selection clicjk on more info, and if you are lucky it will have Rpt. listed, Reapeat this for All you selections and your laughing(but I wonder if not nearly as loud as the programmers) remember you may run the risk of missing it by now.
    But bear in mind, in their way of thinking these days, they probably don’t class it as a Rpt, if its not being repeated at the exact same time and exactly the same day of the week or even the same month of the year as previously televised, for it to have the Rpt. classification.(give or take O/runs)

  6. It annoys me how shows like ‘My Kitchen Rules’, ‘The Block’ and ‘Masterchef’ don’t finish either on half-past the hour or on the hour, leaving remaining prime-time shows to start at weird times like 8:40, 8:45, 9:10 etc, give or take a few minutes, of course! Why?

  7. So basically The Block, The Big Bang Theory, some cricket and some other shows.

    The Mentalist has been relegated to Thursday alongside Bones, so we still don’t know what they are going to show on Sundays once the cricket finishes.

    And typical for Nine what they promoted heavily all summer — Arrow, The Following and Parade’s End — are nowhere to be seen.

    1. Again, with cricket Nine isn’t ready to launch new shows, presumably because they would be interrupted and cricket does rate well.

      I don’t plan to run these kinds of schedules weekly as so many changes requires a lot of work, but I do offer a Coming Soon section for premieres and finales plus the Guides you can download. See under Programming.

  8. This list is a great idea. Very similar to when the US start their new shows. Can you keep this going through the year when the new seasons kick off. With our mix of new and repeats, it would be good if there was a website like tv.com to keep up when the new episodes air. Take Big Bang for example two new shows and then 3 repeats for the week or even better still an app on android/itunes to track new shows airing….tvtonight should create one…

  9. Won’t be bothering with The Block so that doesn’t affect me. What is annoying is throwing a repeat of Big Bang Theory in the middle of all these new shows. What the hell is the point of that? I wish they would treat CSI:NY a bit better. For years they just chuck it in here and there. They start showing new episodes then either take them off or throw in repeats. Or show it at a ridiculous time. Now that Miami has finished I had hoped they would start showing it more regularly. Can’t wait for the bloody cricket to be over!!!!

  10. Very glad to see Person of Interest moving to a night which is usually reserved for the more popular shows – maybe 9’s hoping their experiment with continuing the series through the break will pay off – I hope so, too.

    Mentalist being shifted to Thursdays is an interesting move – especially as it’ll be up against its old nemesis, Bones on 7.

    BTW David – isn’t it mandatory for the networks to advise which episodes or films are (R) repeats?

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