Renewed: Arrow, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries.

The CW renews three of its hit shows in the US.

2013-02-12_1544Good news for Nine with The CW renewing super-hero series Arrow for a second season. The first season is due to roll out soon in Australia.

Arrow has been The CW’s best series premiere since 2009 and currently stands as the network’s most watched show (4.3 million).

The CW has also renewed The Vampire Diaries for a fifth season and ninth for Supernatural.

“We said last year that one of our goals was to establish building blocks to grow on, and now with our new hit Arrow and fan favourite Supernatural on Wednesday night, and the continued success of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, we’ve been able to do that,” said CW president Mark Pedowitz.

“Not only do Arrow, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries perform well on-air, they’re also extremely successful for us both digitally and socially.”

But 90210, Nikita, Hart Of Dixie,  The Carrie Diaries and Beauty And The Beast with Jay Ryan face less-certain futures.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Thanks David for the good news. Plus thanks Eleven for playing Supernatural reliably. I still wish a FTA channel would get The Vampire Diaries and play it.

    As for Parade’s End interesting. I’ll admit I’d watch it on Tuesday. Although I suspect if people are right it might not last 5 episodes on Nine. If so, I just wish they’d have a GEM contingency plan. Tell people it is on there especially if they are on Ch 9 at the time. Either that or just play it on GEM. I’d be fine with that if I knew it was on.

  2. I sort of understand that they might not want to release a premiere date because they don’t want a rival network to plan their premiere to compete but they should probably consider the audience more than get paranoid about what each other is doing.

    All they do is annoy the viewer who goes off and watches TV in a different way and avoids the networks altogether.

  3. @Pertinax Last demos I saw of the CW it slanted higher age group than previously – women approx 40 years.

    I think Fast-tracking it in October could have worked. Although then it possibly wouldn’t have been in our ratings period.

  4. Thanks David. Channel 9 need to look up the dictionary definition of soon. They’ve been advertising it as coming soon for what 5 months or so now?

    If airdates are confidential then why are some listed under programming Coming Soon.

    I just don’t get it. The show does well for the CW, it’s been renewed for a 2nd season. Perhaps they’re not sure if it will do well in Australia but I would think by now they should know their audience. If they’re so nervous, test it out on Go! and then transfer once it’s successful.

  5. The cricket ends tonight and Nine have announced their post cricket lineup:

    Sun: 90 minutes, The Mentalist, CSI
    Mon: The Block, BBT, Person of Interest
    Tues: BBT, other sitcoms
    Wed: Movie
    Thurs: The Mentalist, CSI
    Friday: Movie
    Sat: Movies

    No sign of Arrow, The Following or Parade’s End yet (though they are ramping up promotion of Parade’s End at the moment). Channel 9 haven’t launched a new OS drama since POI last October (which started badly).

    Nine are going with established shows against with Channel 7’s early successes. They are definitely in small target, wait and see mode.

    Nine did OK on Monday night but took a bit of a beating Tuesday night. They could be hoping that a heavily hyped Parade’s End would generate at least one night’s ratings somewhere they are not doing well.

  6. Some people will have seen Arrow, probably some 10s of thousands. But they are unlikely to be people who would have watched the show live anyway (people who will bother to search out an illegal, HD, ad free copy on line are unlikely to watch an ad riddled SD copy).

    Fast-tracking a new show would have been certain failure for Arrow and really shooting themselves in the foot. And even established shows fast-track last October got lower ratings.

  7. Arrow rated 2.95m as live viewers last week. It is a genre show with a dedicated fan base, but some wobbly acting and dialogue in parts.

    CW is small network and it survives by having low rating shows with very high proportion of younger viewers. Most Network shows have close to 10m as live viewers, NCIS gets over 20m.

  8. I can’t wait to finally see Arrow. Nine have been dragging out the promos for far too long. I never got into Supernatural but it’s good news for Eleven/FOX8, and same goes for Vampire Diaries for FOX8. I’m loving fast tracked season two of Hart of Dixie on FOX8, and can’t wait for Nikita season 2 (I refuse to watch it on GO! where it’s in varying late night time slots in SD); Carrie Diaries is a good show which has an edge that differentiates it from every other Tween drama on TV and another of FOX8’s series. 90210 has gone on for years so no complaints if it ends, and if the reviews of Beauty and the Beast are half as bad in reality than no lose if its axed. On a side note, it’s amazing how FOX8 is a general entertainment channel yet has such a large amount of tween programming. Perhaps it’s time it rebrands as FOX Family and sells the non-relevant programming (e.g. Chicago Fire to FX/SoHo, Revolution to FX/SoHo, Bones to TV1, Fringe to FX, WWE to Fuel, etc.)

  9. Really good news for all three. As much as I wanted Supernatural to end after the 5th season, I’ve got to say that season 8 has been quite enjoyable. Although I hope Nikita and Hart of Dixie don’t get axed

  10. It was also good for Nine when shows like Chuck, Vampire Diaries, Drop Dead Diva, Dallas, Curb, Survivor, Smallville (early seasons) and a list of other shows got renewed, yet Nine treated them badly, even on the digital channels in most instances.
    I, like everyone else expect Arrow to shift to GO! at a time anywhere from 10.45pm.

  11. I wish Channel 9 would be up front about the Arrow premiere date. I read in comments previously that it’s being held up due to cricket commitments.

    The first season will be mostly over in the US before we see the premiere.

    Most people in Australia will have seen it by other means so Channel 9 are really shooting themselves in the foot here.

    1. Nine is holding a number of shows due to cricket, as it did last year: The Following, Arrow, Parade’s End etc. Airdates are always commercial in confidence regardless of network but so far they haven’t done anything other than what was indicated. If you read the Programmer’s Wrap you’ll see them talk about how the year begins with staggered launches due to sporting commitments.

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