Mel B joining America’s Got Talent

2013-02-21_1241The Daily Mail is reporting that Mel B. is joining America’s Got Talent, replacing Sharon Osbourne.

According to reports, she will join judges Howard Stern and Howie Mandel.

A source said: “Simon (Cowell) loves trying people out on his shows, Mel’s already been a judge on X Factor Australia and it’s too far for her to keep taking the kids.

“She did want to do X Factor UK, but Simon really wanted her to do America’s Got Talent.

“She’s outspoken and never afraid to speak her mind, she makes for good TV. NBC execs will be watching through their eyes – let’s hope they won’t be using the delay button on live TV.”

Other recent media reports indicated she wanted to stick with The X Factor in Australia, but visa issues were forcing her to return to Los Angeles.

Update: Foxtel press release:

America’s Got Talent has found its new judge with Spice Girl Mel B (Melanie Brown) joining the judging panel for the upcoming eighth series of the hugely popular reality competition series.

Mel B, known as Scary Spice in the all-girl singing group, will take a seat beside Howard Stern and Howie Mandel, critiquing the show’s wild variety of performers. She replaces the show’s longtime judge Sharon Osbourne, who announced she was quitting last year.

The pop singer brings a wealth of experience to the role, having served as a judge on the Australian version of The X Factor and guest hosted on the UK version.

“Australian audiences know and love Mel B and her larger than life personality and now they can continue to see her on America’s Got Talent, exclusively on FOX8” said Brendon Moo, Foxtel’s General Manager General Entertainment Channels.

“There’s no doubt Mel B will spice up the judging panel with her strong point of view while bringing a fresh youthfulness and currency to this popular series.”

America’s Got Talent is currently holding auditions across America, and will air in both the US and Australia (exclusively on FOX8) mid-year.


  1. Good, can’t stand her. Let the Americans cope with her horrid accent. Surely Seven can find someone other than Dannii Minogue to replace her on the judge’s panel.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    @michaelOz – dude, chill. I’m just expressing my opinion, something we’re encouraged to do provided that we remain respectful. If Mr Knox was unhappy he would have said so.

    We recently had some people complaining about the amount of speculation regarding the broadcast rights for the V8 Supercars and I was simply drawing a comparison between that and the recent hype about where Mel B was or was not going to end up.

    I didn’t call it gossip, I called it “hand-waving”.

    @David – given the quick turnaround with regard to the press release, you’re forgiven!

  3. She will be missed from The X Factor that is for sure. America’s Got Talent and X Factor AU will definitely have scheduling issues so there is no way she could do both which sucks.

    Danni Minouge will be her replacement. That i think is the obvious choice here. It sucks because Mel B has made X Factor great to watch. She will be missed that is for sure.

  4. Secret Squirrel, how rude…

    How about you write what you’d like on your own widely respected and successful blog/website and David will do the same.

    It’s hardly trashy gossip.

  5. Surely Dannii Minogue will be her replacement on XF AU?

    It’s like musical chairs with these judges with Sharon Osbourne rumoured to be joining AGT AU as a judge!

  6. I agree I think it’s to do with her husband being based in the U.S etc as you can tell she really loves him. X-factor Australia is going to suffer big time!! Natalie’s contract should not be renewed she needs to go!! Will be interesting who they might sign up but they will need to bring in a strong female judge and change it up big time in order to survive as I’m sure the voice will dominate the ratings…X-factor is in big trouble this year!! Nat & Guy to go so bring in 3 new judges I say! a change needs to be done!!

  7. If this is true and it looks like it is then Xfactor will struggle. They will need to overhaul the whole judging panel except for Guy. Mel B is a bit like simon Cowell. There are not many of them around than can drag in viewers on their own.

  8. Secret Squirrel

    David, I’m over this. As with the V8 Supercars, can we pls wait until there is actually an announcement before reporting on this again? Leave the hand-waving to the trashy gossip mags/sites.

  9. Interesting. I wonder if its more to do with her husband’s work. I think he is quite a successful businessman and maybe its him that needs to be more US based.

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