Returning: Downton Abbey, Castle.

Seven has confirmed what we suspected all along.... Downton Abbey returns from this Sunday night.

2013-02-04_1031Seven has confirmed what we suspected all along….

Downton Abbey returns from this Sunday night. Seven is playing the season much earlier than 2012 when it ran post-Easter.

Season Three begins at 8:30pm Sunday February 10th with a 90 minute premiere. It includes the debut of Shirley Maclaine as Cora’s mother.

This probably explains why ABC1 changed some of its programming so that Upstairs Downstairs wrapped last night.

Castle also returns at 10pm Sunday, picking up from Season 5 Episode 6, “The Final Frontier.”

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  1. Even though Downton will still rate well, just inagine how much better its ratings would be if Channel Seven showed it within 48 hrs of the british screenings? I know a pretty wide cross section of people and everyone I know ha seen it and not by downloading. Its easily available from amazon in the u.k. and from New Zealand-legally. there is no doubt that he days of holding back programmes to suit when networks want to show them are just about over, which is why i feel we will see a shift in ratings seasons to match britain and USA in coming years. The writing is on the wall.

  2. @David Knox – thanks for that David! 🙂 Guess I was just worried about being burned by 7, after they stopped new Bones (either last year or the year before – cant quite remember!) to air pretty much an entire season of Downton Abbey! I saw the commercials for it going on Sunday nights and was like “Nooooo!”

  3. @Shelly. Your friends obviously illegally download a lot.

    Most people don’t. Revenge managed to get 1.5m live viewers plus there will be a lot of recorded viewings.

    Downtown Abbey you would expect to deliver similar large ratings. So illegal downloading is not effecting such show that much.

  4. Bones’ ratings have dropped off after Bones and Booth settled down. Castle was doing better in the second half of last year (while Kate and Castle are hooking up).

    So Bones has been relegated to Thursday, along side The Mentalist.

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