Returning: Food Safari

2013-02-05_1645Think TV is full of food already? Maeve O’Meara returns to SBS next week with a new season of Food Safari.

But there’s no fights from these home cooks, here as she learns about different cuisines around the country.

SBS’s highly acclaimed and hugely popular food series, Food Safari, returns with an enticing mix of some of the latest cuisines to be making their impact in Australia.

With flavours and recipes from around the world that have now become a part of Australia’s culinary landscape, this new series begins by exploring the many cuisines of Darwin, including recipes from the city’s large Greek population, the numerous Asian fares represented in the area as well as classics from local Indigenous cooks.

Maeve O’Meara and the team then travel the country meeting chefs and home cooks. These rising stars of the new Australian food scene feature in episodes highlighting the cuisines of Peru, Cyprus, the Philippines, South Africa, Laos, Poland, Afghanistan, Denmark and finishing with the unique creole food scene of Broome.

Episode One:
In the first episode, Maeve explores the diverse culinary influences of Australia’s Top End – from Chinese inspired fresh mud crab steamed with Chinese rice wine, to barramundi cooked in ‘bush alfoil’ (paperbark) on a perfect beach, and from a Greek Sunday lunch to a Thai feast.

7:30pm Thursday, 14 February SBS ONE.


  1. The great thing about Maeve is that she doesn’t make the show all about her. Unlike most of the others.

    Would be nice if SBS showed this in native HD.

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