Returning: Private Practice. Gone: The Mindy Project

Seven is returning Private Practice from next week, at the new time of 10:45 Mondays.

2013-02-25_1524Seven is returning Private Practice from next week, at the new time of 10:45 Mondays.

S6E1 “Aftershock”
Addison settles into her new life after making a decision between Jake and Sam; Violet fears the worst when Pete doesn’t show up to his preliminary court hearing; and Charlotte swears Cooper to secrecy when she receives shocking news. Meanwhile, Amelia celebrates one year of sobriety and Sheldon rekindles a romance with his ex-wife.

That sees The Mindy Project out of schedule after tonight.

Happy Endings will air at 11:45pm.

Several readers have been asking about the return of Grey’s Anatomy but so far there is nothing scheduled.

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  1. Yeah, that’s annoying them not bringing Grey’s Anatomy back. Up until Christmas they were fast tracking it and we were getting it about a day after it aired in the US. It came back over there back in Jan but 7 haven’t bothered to bring it back here yet. I’m dying to know if Bailey finally got married or what happened.

  2. yeah 7 don’t use there 2nd and 3rd channels to their advantage. for some reason 7 have always played comedies late at night, very late no matter how good they are. HIMYM is the only one they love enough to give a timeslot no later than 9:30, it used to always air 7:30 or 8.

    7mate and even 7two are being wasted, British show repeats and make aimed reality on the other. there’s plenty of room on both to play these comedies in a lineup of some sort of marathon much like 9’s Tuesday comedy lineup.

    7mate only have Family Guy and American Dad for comedy, why not add some other comedies with it like Its Always Sunny and such instead of having a marathon of FG and AD? 7mate is lacking in comedy repeats too, just Earl and Mother from what I can tell. even during the day they used to have Ned and Stacy and Newsradio among others, how bout adding more like Home Improvement or something.

    why do 7 hate comedy so much?! at least 9,10&11 have some in primetime.

    I do think 7two should be rebranded like SBS 2 is. it should be a mixture of things, comedy not exactly aimed at males or females in primetime, week nights from 6:30-7:30 older comedies, 7:30-8:30 newer comedies and reality shows, movies from 8:30-10:30 (they have quite a library from Universal, Touchstone and Hollywood pictures), at 10:30 weeknights British comedies and drama as well as US drama and on Friday and Saturday nights the same old stuff, British shows and reality. Sunday nights should be movie night from 7:30.

  3. Just to clarify usually greys anatomy and private practice are scheduled the same night on thursdays. Just wondering when and where greys anatomy is going to be scheduled by channel 7 now that private practice has been moved to monday nights. We are about seven episodes behind the US on greys anatomy. There are often overlapping story lines between greys and private practice, they are made by the same person and in australia they are usually sheduled near other. When I think of one I think of the other.

  4. Can someone please please explain to me why 2 Broke Girls and Anger Management have their new release episodes consistently played on prime time on the main channels, yet The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and now The Mindy Project can barely get a look in?

    7 Mate could have a really good comedy lineup one night – a bit like the days of Thursday nights on NBC in the US. 3 of the 4 shows listed above are Ch 7 shows and could all complement each quite nicely.

    As for The Office…what “genius” at Ten decided to take new release episodes off the air while still showing repeats at 10.30pm Sunday nights? There’s your ready made gap to slot in the new episodes. It’s really not rocket science!

  5. I reckon The Mindy Project and the Final Season of 30 Rock should air on 7mate seeming that The main channel normally shelves them to late night airings we’re they should air in Primetime on 7mate.

  6. Oh great, it’s the final season so I’m glad we’re finally getting it. It finished ages ago in the US. Glad now I didn’t bother with the Mindy Project since it seems to have been given the arse.

  7. Excellent HE gets shafted to an even later slot!
    See what you get when you don’t respect as show or viewers! They don’t follow timeslot changes and you would need to be committed to changing g the PVR if you liked the show!

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