Returning: The Bolt Report

vlcsnap-1230811TEN is under criticism for being too closely aligned with News Limited at the moment, including the Greens raising concerns about Meet the Press being “contracted out to News Limited” in Parliament yesterday.

With that in mind, a new season of The Bolt Report begins this Sunday at 10am….



  1. “… [Bolt] his ratings are better than the ABC Insiders.”

    Not true. From [] –
    Insiders: 177,000 / 79,000 / 39,000
    The Bolt Report: 131,000 / 139,000

    It doesn’t matter whether you consider just the first showing of each program or aggregate the ratings for subsequent broadcasts.

  2. CurtConservative

    Thanks for the clarification, David. I agree with you, what next? as Kim Williams is a sharp operator at the helm at News Limited (Foxtel before this) and expecting some more desperate rationalisation at TEN. Next to the brash, poking, bloggy and fast pace of Bolt, Meet the Press of 2012 looked old and lumbering and needed a change to keep the cash registers ticking over with the new Sunday morning watchers.

  3. Apart from the left of the ALP pressuring Gillard and Conroy to use Finkelstein and the fit ownership test to silence News for critising them. And Brown and Milne’s similar campaign what basis is there? All jumped on by News’s tabloid competitors the SMH and ABC.

    There has been plenty of analysis of this in The Financial Review and The Australian this week (which is why the Greens and Left of the ALP want them shut down).

    McLennan has never worked in TV or digital media. He was an advertising exec. who joined News Corp in 2011 as a special adviser to Rupert. He quit that job to take this one.

    Lachlan Murdoch is no long a News exec., he was forced out during the phone hacking scandal. He still holds a seat on the News board though (which is largely controlled by Rupert’s voting stock anyway).

    The funniest thing is when Conroy tried to use the issue to plug his new ownership controls attacking the Murdochs, the Greens and SMH were too stupid to see what he was up to and accused him of being a News Crop puppet.

  4. CurtConservative

    David, cannot believe you’re treating the Greens as a credible media commentator worth reporting. Bolt, whether you like him or hate him has a place in our democracy, heck his ratings are better than the ABC Insiders. The Greens through Brown gifetd us the term: ‘hate media’ meaning the media outlets they hate. So you are reporting more hate media talk emanating from the Greens. It must be awkward to be used by them or are you a Greens supporter too ?

    • I’ve made no judgement on them as a credible media commentator. I’m reporting news of a television show being mentioned in Parliament. Did that make me a Liberal or Labor supporter last time I did the same? Concerns about TEN having content produced by News Limited rather than by TEN are not exclusive to the Greens. What’s next?

  5. jezza the first original one

    I love how all the closet lefties come crawling out when AB raises his head.

    Has the Bolt report damaged ch10s brand….of course not, as only about 3 folk with ratings meters are watching.

    Is there anything to be concerned about….hell yeah, I watched it once and was Bored, I wanted to see sparks fly. What is the point of having a soft rightie like Bolt and then just preaching, I wanna see some left/right/ looney(the greens) verbal fisticuffs, this show is just tedious.

    So it replaced video hits….and?

  6. if there is a show that is damaging the TEN brand …it is this one.

    Just appalling.

    At least pretend your bias……but there is no pretending with this guy.

  7. carolemorrissey

    Well let the slagging off of Labor and Gillard begin. I had hoped we would be spared this show this year when Meet The Press came back a couple of weeks ago and was an hour instead of half an hour. I had assumed/hoped Bolt had been dumped, but no such luck.

  8. Bolt needs to be a lot tougher on the left

    He has been rather soft as host, only pointing out the rather obvious failings of the Gillard government.

    I wish he try to be more like Bill o’rieliey

  9. I think Jezza is right. These shows are only preaching to the converted. In the US the Murdoch family have a whole news channel devoted to bringing Obama down and look how well that turned out for them.

  10. jezza the first original one

    Yay….watch out lefties ABs ratings juggernaut is back on our screens to convert the masses.

    I have never known so many folk be so afraid of a political programme watched by so few….ha ha

    Wind them up Andy, tell ’em Geert Wilders is a nice bloke….oh!!! what !!! you have already done that in your newspaper column….Ah, that has blown the content for the first 3 episodes..

    Seriously….no one is watching

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