Returning: The Mentalist

2013-02-09_2350The Mentalist returns to Nine with a new episode on Thursday night at 8:40pm.

“Black Cherry”
The team investigate the homicide of a real-estate agent who was once linked to a gang. Meanwhile, Jane looks for leads on his new discovery about Red John.

But Mentalist fans should stay alert, with a new episode also scheduled for next Sunday night.


  1. Its almost as if Nine purposely tries to put the Mentalist up against Bones. Its always been a Sunday/Monday show and now that Seven has moved Bones to Thursdays Nine suddenly decides to follow suit.

  2. The Mentalist has been on at 8:30pm Sunday before, it the most important slot of the week and it is not surprising to see their highest rating US drama there until House Husbands returns.

    It would also be something the Following could follow if they have given up on the idea of cutting down to an M rating and launching it against the high rating MKR/Drama combos on Seven.

    The surprise was the new episode of The Mentalist on Thursday. I guess with Seven dominating Mon.-Wed. they needed something there until the Footy Show returns. The had POI rpts in the slot over summer.

    So far Mentalist rpts in non-ratings and new episodes is ratings is logical and predictable. We may see rpts of the Mentalist later as 9 look short on content.

  3. I don’t get Ch9 programming!
    This show is having nearly as many days as CSI Miami! At least the new eps are still at 8:30!
    But with a swag of repeats on often when new eps air is confusing!
    Then to be on twice a week I may ditch it all together having never missed an ep yet it is getting beyond a joke! That willleave me watching zilch on 9!!

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