Seven rules first week of the year

Seven's Reality show sees it dominate the first week of the ratings year.

2013-02-18_0002Seven has drawn first blood in the 2013 ratings year with a slam dunk thanks to My Kitchen Rules.

The Reality show took the top 4 places in the weekly results, as high as 2.1m viewers (Wednesday) and cemented its place as the first hit of the year.

If Nine hadn’t won Friday night it would have been another hat trick for Seven. Meanwhile the ABC landed ahead of TEN.

Seven: 33.2
Nine: 27.6
ABC: 17.6
TEN: 16.5
SBS: 5.1

Primary channels:
Seven: 26.0
Nine: 20.6
ABC1: 13.3
TEN: 11.2
SBS ONE: 4.1

7TWO: 4.0
GO!: 3.8
7mate: 3.2
GEM: 3.1
ABC2: 2.6
ONE: 2.2
ABC News 24: 1.0
SBS TWO: 0.9
ABC3: 0.8
NITV: 0.1

Seven wins 16-39, 18-49, 25-54.

Seven won every city and night except Friday, which fell to Nine. The ABC defeated TEN on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Also strong for Seven were Border Security (1.4m), Sunday Night (1.35m), The Force (1.34m), Downton Abbey and Packed to the Rafters (1.33m), Revenge (1.3m) and Seven News (Sun: 1.3m, weeknights: 1.08m). In its first week a new look Today Tonight (954,000) won its slot.

For Nine the news was not all bad, with Nine News (Sun: 1.37m, weeknights: 1.12m) winning the first week of ratings for the first time since 2005. Other performers were The Big Bang Theory (highest 1.14m), The Block (highest 1.14m), One Day Cricket (highest 1.1m) and ACA (903,000).

The Doctor Blake Mysteries (980,000) led ABC1 then ABC News (weeknights: 902,000), Australian Story (829,000), The Paradise (748,000), Four Corners (743,000), Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home (741,000) and Midsomer Murders (723,000).

MasterChef: The Professionals (1.03m) was best for TEN then Elementary (959,000), Modern Family (922,000), David Attenborough’s Africa (742,000) and NCIS (697,000).

On SBS ONE it was Luke Nguyen’s Memories of Vietnam (284,000), Dig World War II (268,000), Food Safari (238,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (237,000) and Who Destroyed the Hindenburg? (234.000).

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  1. At least ch10 are pushing for that 3rd place, they seem to have consolidated 4th and are no longer under threat from SBS. Their management must be pleased with this progress

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