Seven snares Tuesday

Ratings: Tuesday was another easy win for Seven with My Kitchen Rules again roasting MasterChef.

2013-02-27_1006 Tuesday proved to be another easy win for Seven with a distracting My Kitchen Rules wedding proposal pulling 2.07m viewers and Packed to the Rafters at 1.41m.

Once again it came at the expense of  MasterChef with a lowly 452,000.

Seven network shares were 36.4% then Nine 25.7%,  ABC and TEN both on 16.3% and SBS 5.3%.

Seven News was 1.20m for Seven then Today Tonight (1.02m), Home and Away (940,000), Parenthood (591,000 / 389,000) and Deal or No Deal (466,000).

Nine News (1.23m) was best for Nine followed by The Block (1.17m), Big Bang (1.16m / 898,000), ACA (1.1m), 2 Broke Girls (700,000), Hot Seat (588,000), Two and a Half Men (529,000) and Anger Management (382,000).

ABC News (978,000) led ABC1 then New Tricks (786,000), 7:30 (669,000), Foreign Correspondent (605,000), At the Movies (483,000) and Grand Designs (258,000).

TEN News was also best for TEN with 725,000 viewers. NCIS was 634,000, NCIS: LA was 532,000, The Project was 459,000,  and The Simpsons was 376,000.

On SBS ONE it was Who Do You Think You Are? (201,000), Insight (178,000), Dateline (171,000) and World News Australia (149,000).

ABC2’s Peppa Pig was best on multichannels with 271,000 viewers.

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 26 February 2013

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  1. @Craig

    Haven’t you already seen Parenthood?

    But anyway, the real reason for the double eps is to boost numbers during that 10.30pm hour. Most stand-alone shows would struggle to rate anything close to 389,000, but double episodes get more viewers sticking around during that second hour rather than switching off.

  2. I agree about Parenthood, it only has 15 eps and at this rate they will be all gone by some time in April. Finishing at close to midnight is not helping the ratings average for the night.

    Maybe because the season ended in January in the US with no (official) word on another season Seven just wants to burn it off. But really they should have started it at least back in November and run it over the holiday.


  3. Australia is not the US. NCIS is a very American institution about the US military, guns and war.

    NCIS is so dominant in its timeslot that it isn’t up against anything competing for the same audience. It is up against only counter programming: Celebrity Wife Swap, Raising Hope (double episode), Hart of Dixie and Off Their Rockers (double episode).

    Here NCIS is a foreign drama up against MKR/PPTR (the top rating local drama) and the ABC has stripped a couple of hundred thousand pensioners off it with repeats of New Tricks which is beating it.

  4. Considering NCIS is America’s #1 Show in terms of viewers, 656k here is abysmal if you ask me. It should be pulling at least 1m but to be only pulling so little shows how TEN has fallen apart. If NCIS was on Seven or Nine it would probably be rating a lot better.

    Good night again for MKR and Rafters. Both shows have been really great the past few weeks and MKR is a beast. The Block is doing well also considering and Masterchef well its a flop. TEN are in huge trouble. If their big guns like Modern Family and NCIS can’t fire how can anything else? Its going to be a long and painful year for TEN i think.

    Obviously after Easter Seven and Nine will probably switch places for a while (they might not either but Nine does have The Voice), while TEN will just keep sinking.

  5. Parenthood rates well, atleast the first ep does. why is 7 in such a rush to end it with these double episodes? Every network has bad programming habits, double episodes at 9:30 is 7s biggest issue. They should put Greys anatomy at 10:30.

  6. Still pretty impressive figures for Rafters now in its 6th calendar year on air. nearly 1 and a half million viewers. Seven would be loathe to see it end this year if the cast/producers don’t carry into a 7th series.

  7. Thats pretty good numbers for NCIS considering the circumstances.

    There was a story on TT last night about how ‘petrol stations are ripping off Melbourne motorists’, I thought TT was changing this year?!?

  8. Although it still rates, wish Seven hadn’t held onto Parenthood eps for so long that they now play weekly double eps that end after 23:30…a family drama ending so late means eventually much of the target audience will give up trying to follow it

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