Stormy weather as Seven’s David Brown dumped for Giaan Rooney

Who didn't see this coming? After nearly 20 years meteorologist David Brown is dumped for newcomer Giaan Rooney.

2012-12-21_0202More changes at Seven News Melbourne -as predictable as Melbourne’s four seasons in one day- sees David Brown removed as 6pm weather presenter after nearly 20 years in the role.

Instead he has been relegated to weather reports on the 4:30 news and  filing reports on weather events for Sunrise, Sunday Night, Today Tonight.

As tipped by TV Tonight, Giaan Rooney’s instalment as weather presenter over summer was simply part of a bigger plan to replace Brown permanently. A Seven spokesperson recently told me he would be returning from holidays in February -but it’s now clear not to the same role.

Seven has been determined to lift its ailing Melbourne figures and sees a female presence as adding to its appeal, opposite Nine’s Livinia Nixon.

While Brown, 52, has been a meteorologist for decades, Rooney, 30, only has 6 weeks experience in presenting weather.

“I did not use scripts,” he told the Sunday Herald Sun.

“I analysed the maps myself using my years of experience as a meteorologist to make forecasts.

“I definitely think my experience brought something extra to the role.”

In December amid speculation about his future, Seven News director Simon Pristel said, “Nothing has changed with his status or role.”

But in television such claims are usually the calm before the storm.

Dumping presenters can frequently backfire in television. TEN copped a barrage of criticism for letting go presenters including Helen Kapalos, Bill McDonald and Ron Wilson. It took years for Nine to recover from replacing Mark Ferguson with Peter Overton in Sydney.

Tactfully, Brown said of his new role, “I see it as just another fork in the road.

“It will be a new challenge after 20 years.”

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  1. I think that’s not fair !!!
    Personally I think David Brown was excellent as a presenter of the weather. He is so nice and kind. He has this this charisma about him. Very pleasant personality. Highly professional, with a soft sweet voice. And I don’t like this Giaan Rooney ! It doesn’t suit her to present the weather. Would have been better for her to be presenting any kind of sports news. I don’t watch the weather anymore on 7. I switch to channel 10. They haven’t got rid of Mike! And he’s a nice personality too.

  2. I really think David Brown’s talents are truely wasted by him only reporting the weather on the 4.30 news. He is a very qualified meteorologist, and he should be back reporting where he belongs – on the prime time 6 pm news report. The forecast needs to be informative and be reported by someone who understands what they are talking about, not just reading off a script. Bring Back Brownie !!!

  3. I’ll admit I know of a family member that now watches Nine News over this. Plus I haven’t been watching the Commercial News recently. Also I’m not happy about the hour news thing and flick over to try to get the weather from Nine now when I used to watch David Brown. Although they too aren’t reliable in ending at 6.30pm. So I can miss the weather. Not a happy camper at the moment. I’ll admit there are two things I like and that is the Seven ads and their small solid symbol. Nine’s is the worst of both world’s. Largish and attempts to be semi-transparent.

    Lastly but not the least important thing I wish David Brown the best.

  4. For we Sydney viewers for whom this holds no relevance – whatever happened to the girl who read weather for 7 in Sydney. Sarah someone or another. Brunette and too attractive for telly.

  5. Not really keen on David or Giaan. Both a bit boring. Most of us really only want to know if its going to be hot or cold or if its going to rain. They should go for a comedian or someone with a bit of personality. Make it fun.

  6. Regardless of her qualifications, or lack thereof, I don’t fine Giaan very good at all. And contrary to PDA’s remark that she’s a talent – not really. She’s a former swimmer, who like so many other sportspeople, manage to inveigle their way into the media because they happen to have a reasonably good looking head, and can talk a bit. Not a lot of talent needed for that.

  7. @ David Knox

    Thanks David and I would just love to pay my bet, but I as I just explained to Steve, I am one of those oldies, and if we believe him, I cannot break old habits, and still mostly use cash.

    But I also do not want let my generation down, so I will attempt a direct deposit transfer thingo.

    Please bear in mind I am trying some high tech stuff for an oldie, but here goes anyway ……….
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$, because we did not discuss odds as such, just take as many dollars you think the bet was worth, and donate the rest to the fund, for the flurry of redundant multi format hour long presenters that may soon be cast aside “again “.

  8. David Knox, did you pull your comment from here? I was about to reply that you’ll find most of the meteorologists still working in TV at ABC News & Sky News Weather (The Weather Channel).

  9. It is interesting that people think it’s only a recent phenomenon to have pretty young females presenting weather on TV. It’s been happening since the 1960s back in the days when Rosemary Margan once took off her frock to reveal a bikini to demonstrate to us it was going to be hot the next day

    And Channel 10 in Adelaide in the ’70s used to have a female weather presenter who never spoke she was just there to write the temperatures on the map of Australia as the cameraman would almost zoom in as she bent over, while the newsreader read the forecast out.

    The list of pretty young weather girls on TV over the years is a mile long. Fact is that meteorologists no matter how good they are have always been in the minority when it comes to presenting weather on TV. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong but it’s the way it is and way it has been for a long time.

  10. @Steve…..I bet David Knox was wondering how long it would be before I replied and let you get away with such comments.
    Yes there is the BOM and Weather Zone and Stormtrackers and Elders Weather pages etc. just to name a few,unforunately not always up to date with data readings, …and sometimes when things get realy rough they fail completely, and have often used one of these computer things to ask why? but they are also Ultra Clinical and usually Non Commital in their deliver regarding “Climate Change Influences” and “Non Personal” that blokes like ‘ Brownie’ can bridge but remain as Professional those you prefer. There is a big difference a Profesional with Personality and just a Personality
    As a baby boomer, possibly at the ‘elderly nuisance’ end of your scale.
    May I remind you that we have experienced more radical changes, than later generations would have had the patience we had, also many of the Younger and Smarter Generations, would not be “Generations” at All, if we had todays attitudes, as we had Families, not sources of $$ Baby Bonuses

  11. Possibly the lame and conscience clearing excuse used by Seven, was that David Brown was just to good at his job, and in rating chasing mode that can be dangerous for some, when they tell it like it is.

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