Top of the Lake previews in Sydney

2013-02-20_0047Jane Campion’s miniseries Top of the Lake had a media screening last night in Sydney.

BBC Worldwide screened the first two episodes of the 6 part series at Dendy Cinemas followed by a Q&A featuring producer Emile Sherman, co-director Garth Davis, co-writer Gerard Lee and several cast members.

The big names, Campion, Elisabeth Moss, Holly Hunter and David Wenham were unable to attend, but the audience seemed impressed by the atmospheric story and the stunning landscapes of Queenstown, New Zealand.

With its mix of crime and moody characters, more than a few were likening it to Scandinavian drama The Killing.

Set to screen in late March on UKTV, it will screen on the Sundance Channel in the US around the same time and mid-year on the BBC.

Looks set to be a contender on the awards circuit….

It premieres on March 24.



  1. Agreed, thanks for giving us some info on this show David!

    My only problem is that I don’t have Foxtel, but I will just have to invite myself over to visit someone who does…

  2. Agree Lizlemon…ticks a bunch of boxes for me.Set in Queenstown,with Wenham and Moss.And Jane Campion and Holly Hunter getting together again after The Piano.David’s alerts to projects like this is more reason to appreciate this site.

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