Vale: Robin Sachs

2013-02-09_0058Robin Sachs, best known as the evil sorcerer Ethan Rayne on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, died unexpectedly from unknown causes, aged 61.

He died on February 1, four days before his 62nd birthday.

“It is with great sadness that we have to announce the sudden and unexpected passing of Robin Sachs,” his website reads. “Please join us in raising a glass to Robin — goodbye, dear friend. Thank you for all the laughter and the cookies. We will miss you so very much.”

He also had roles in Babylon 5, Star Trek: Voyager, the animated Fantastic Four (as the voice of the Silver Surfer) and vand in the films The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), Ravager (1997), as the bad guy General Sarris in Galaxy Quest (1999) and Northfork (2003).

His other credits include playing Adam Carrington in the 1991 miniseries Dynasty: The Reunion, Walker, Texas Ranger, SpongeBob SquarePants, Alias and Ocean’s Eleven (2001). Most recently, he appeared in NCIS and Castle.



  1. I loved him in Buffy but I just saw him in ”Dynasty the Reunion” playing ”Ádam Carrington”,I Loved the character of Adam on Dynasty as played by Gordon Thomson, but Robin butchered the role and it was just awful…RIP.

  2. Another death in the B5 family. Way too many cast members lost over the years. Bruce Boxleitner mentioned his passing on Twitter. A multitalented actor in various genres. RIP.

  3. Robin Sachs also appeared in the first episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day called The New World playing British Professor.

    His father the late Leonard Sachs also an actor had appeared elsewhere in the Whoniverse as he was the third actor to play Borusa in the Doctor Who season 20 opener Arc of Infinity.

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