Victorian wins 21st Tropfest

Photo1 trp3Victorian filmmaker Nicholas Clifford (pictured, centre) last night was announced as the winning director of Tropfest 2013.

Clifford’s film “We’ve All Been There” set in rural Victoria also won Best Female Actress for Laura Wheelwright. The short film also featured actors Penne Hackforth-Jones and Ditch Davey.

Over 90,000 people gathered in The Domain last night to see the contest, which screened live on SBS for the first time.

Adam Spencer and Yumi Stynes hosted the event, started 21 years ago by director John Polson. Judges included Sam Worthington, Magda Szubanski, Rebecca Gibney and The Sapphires director Wayne Blair.

Photo1 trpOther winners were:
2nd Place: Better than Sinatra (Jefferson Grainger)
3rd Place: Punctured (Nick Baker and Tristan Klein)
Best Male Actor: Nick Hamilton (Time)
Nikon DSLR Award – Matt Hardie (Let It Rain)

Polson also announced Tropfest would move to December 8 this year with its Signature Item: “Change.”

You can watch the films here.


  1. I liked “Inside” the most personally. It was thought provoking.
    But most of them were great too.
    There should be a seperate sub award for the best comedy and best drama.

  2. I watched this on delay so was able to ff through the banter and get straight to the films which were great. But what was the deal with SBS squeezing the credits to show scenes fron the park? Don’t the film makers deserve the dignity of having their films shown unadulterated? And if there’s ever an occasion when the credits might have something of intetest to read, this was it.

    • I enjoyed Time the most.

      Yumi Stynes slipped up mentioning Fred ‘Shepsi’ (Schepisi’s pronunciation is ‘Skepsi’) and that she was looking forward to Eye of the Storm coming out. Errr that was 2011….

  3. I watched Tropfest after Downton Abbey, and while the films were great, the banter from the hosts and guests inbetween films was boring and not required in my opinion.

  4. What a cool event…I enjoyed the show on Sbs a lot.If any of your readers have actually attended live and want to describe what that’s like,I’d be interested.90k people sitting around watching films…I like it.

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