What show would the Programmers revive?

If they could wave their magic wand, what show would Programmers love to see back on air?

AIFiWe’ve had The Block, Big Brother, The Price is Right, Young Talent Time, It’s a Knockout, Hey Hey It’s Saturday and Spicks and Specks is on the way.

But what other show would networks like to revive?

TV Tonight recently asked network Programmers, if they could wave their magic wand what show would they most like to bring back?

There were some surprising answers….

ABC: Brendan Dahill

“I would love to try and find a way of merging Sports and Entertainment in a way that The Fat used to. I’d love to find a way of doing The Fat.

“Sport is still a national obsession in this country and I don’t think anyone has managed to find a way of eventing their sporting love outside of Before the Game or The Footy Show which is pretty much just straight up and down chat. We have to find an entertaining way of embracing Australia’s love of sport. I lay awake at night thinking ‘How do I crack Sport and Entertainment?'”

Seven: Angus Ross

“This is a favourite with a number of us in at Channel Seven. A variety of factors contributed to its underperformance but it’s a great format nonetheless.”

TEN: Beverley McGarvey

“I think it’s fairly obvious from our crowded schedule that we do miss our Idol days. It was the grandfather of those shows that are doing everywhere right now.

“Idol was such a brand defining show with the Sydney Opera House finales, they were fantastic TV. It was sort of the beginning of Event Television for us.”

NINE: Andrew Backwell

“When Nine had both the NRL and AFL (plus the Cricket) we essentially owned football (sport) on television… sport is also almost guaranteed to perform consistently… out of the two codes however, I’m very happy to have the NRL as it makes far more commercial sense for our company.”

SBS: Tony Iffland

“It represents great Australia creativity, that resonated around the world as bold and innovative. I really want SBS to reclaim that space in comedy for daring and risk taking and of course humour. I guess broadcasting Tropfest this year and Wilfred being a Tropfest finalist also aligns beautifully with where I am taking SBS1.”

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  1. @Secret Squirrel
    Maybe they could cross live to James Allen, Tom Clarkson or Steve Parrish for the latest F1 news and MotoGP news as I think it will be better suited for it on a Sunday just an hour before the coverage starts

  2. I’d love the return of some game shows The Rich List-with Andrew O’Keefe again, The Weakest Link-has to be with Cornelia she makes it so much fun, Berts Family Fued (or whoever wants to host…)

    Also would like to see the return of a chat style show in primetime..someone needs to interview the stars in Aus or visiting as the 10 second X Factor interviews don’t cut it..Would love to see 9 do one with Fuzzy and Richard Wilkins (and I’m pro 7 so there u go)

  3. I agree, I think Hey Hey its Saturday should come back as random specials through out the year. Also why dont the networks bring back lunch time tv like Midday? That would fill in the spots left by showing movies all the time.
    I also strongly agree that we need more game shows back on air again, I would like to see Sale of the Century and Family Feud back on and of course Wheel of Fortune. I would like to see Jeopardy back on, it was a short lived show but a goodie in its time. I hope the networks conisder these.

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