Adam Boland joins TEN

TEN Adam Boland 1The longest rumour in the industry has come true today, with Adam Boland being appointed as TEN’s Director of Morning Television.

After announcing he would leave Seven at the end of February, he joins TEN on March 18, reporting to Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery.

TEN issued a statement this morning including a quote from incoming CEO Hamish McLennan (already listed as CEO):

“We are very excited about hiring Adam, who is one of the best television news executives in Australia,” Network Ten Chief Executive Officer, Hamish McLennan, said.

“The appointment of Adam to this new role is further evidence of our commitment to signing the best talent for TEN. Adam will further bolster our already very strong TEN News team.”

Boland said, “I’m truly excited about my new role at Network TEN. I firmly believe in Hamish and his management team, the plans they have for the company and their strong commitment to innovative programming.

“Frankly, the decision to join them was a no-brainer for me. I know it’s a place where I can have some real fun.”

Boland is widely regarded as having revolutionised Breakfast television after leading Sunrise to glory over Today.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    Gee…anything channel TEN really brings out a lot of posts….
    I would just like to say…that Ms Belling has young children and may not be interested in AM TV….also other names mentioned have commitments elsewhere….

  2. @ jack- And whos idea was it to get Koch. To get a dorky business journalist to front a breakfast TV show was also revolutionary. If it was not for Boland, Sunrise, Today, The Morning Show and Mornings would not be as they are today. I am really excited to see what he does at TEN. If he can get something to rate in the mornings they should let him run the whole network.

  3. Alongside Mark Llewellyn, Boland co-created “Sunday Night”, a notable accomplishment. He produced the 2007 50 years of television special which aired on Seven, served as Executive Producer on the 2004 Tsunami appeal working cooperatively with his Nine and Ten counterparts. For the duration of Lisa Wilkinson’s departure from “Weekend Sunrise” and prior to the “Today” show making a comeback, Lisa asked Nine Network bosses to poach Adam. I’m sure there are other noteworthy examples but none that spring to mind at this present time.

  4. Sunrise and Today are no different than all the other breakfast programs around the world. Boland is a good EP but he hardly revolutionised anything.
    Sunrise resurgence came when Chris Reason left the chair and Koch filled in. Then the show got some energy and Boland drove it to great success. Not much has happened for him outside of Sunrise except an unwatchable late night program on the digital channel that was quickly canned.

    • Sunrise’s real success came in having direct dialogue with its audience, which was Boland-driven. And if you think not much has happened outside of Sunrise, there’s a little show called The Morning Show that is yet to lose a week since it started. Plus weekend editions of Sunrise. The success of all of these helped spearhead the network’s overall rise. I don’t think we can attribute these to David Koch and I just don’t think he would either.

  5. A Ten breakfast show competing with 7, 9 and 2 will be hard to crack, as one focusing on serious news, will not rate for them. They’d have to offer cash cow stuff to entice viewers, whether people like it or not and they can’t be cheapskates and do it 5 days a week. It’d have to be on 7 days a week.

    It helps that Russ Howcroft has also been hired.

  6. Adam is a trailblazer and he has to be taken seriously. If you look at Sunrise and Today, well they are basically one show. He really created both of them as Today morphed into a Sunrise clone. If you look at it like that, he really has only one format opposition, both which are becomming predictable and dated. I am sure he will once again revolutionzse morning TV and the others will follow.

  7. Adam,
    Please bring back Kerri-Anne and an audience and a band … This woman has at least another 10 years of daytime tv in her. And get the other networks to follow her. She’ll do it !!

  8. Natarsha Belling would be excellent as a morning show host. Team her up with Hamish MacDonald, who is actually bearable when teamed with Natarsha because she keeps his ego in tact.

    Hand Matt Doran the Late News reins permanently. Or better still, get Sandra Sully to pull double duty – 5pm Sydney, Late News (wishful thinking but we can always dream).

  9. They should try and get Denham Hitchcock..he is the son of a former 10 network news producer, Kevin Hitchcock..keep it in the family..and he’s great when on camera.

  10. At least this is a step in the right direction, hopefully we get some genuinely likable and relatable people on Ten’s new morning line up. My suggestion would be to amp up Natarsha Belling’s role, she is a seriously under used asset.

  11. Andrew Mercado

    Here’s a novel idea – fix prime time first and worry about breakfast later. Ten already have a high rating daytime schedule that crashes and burns as soon as prime time begins. All breakfast does is bring in more advertising dollars which is clearly all Ten care about these days.

  12. TasTVcameraman

    Congrats to Adam, I like the idea of some of the segments from “The Project” as I can not see the first bit because I am watching Neighbours.

  13. Armchair Analyst

    I don’t hold much hope for any new recruit to Ten lasting a long enough time to make any real change to benefit the network. Just look at what happened to the last two recruits. As long as Murdoch is in charge the network will continue to struggle and flounder because of a lack of long term vision and long term persistence with their vision. These two things are what is missing for the network. It does not matter how manny new and exciting people you have at the network if the chairman has no patients or limited patient for the FTA network when it comes to programming choices in prime time then more sackings will happen and the network will continue to go backwards.

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