Airdate: The Fades

3fadABC2 begins a new UK supernatural series next week, The Fades by writer John Thorne (Skins, Cast-offs, This Is England ’86, This Is England ’88).

This series won the BAFTA award for Best Drama series in 2012.

If you enjoy daring, dark dramas like Misfits, Being Human or even Real Humans, this is probably one for you.

Paul and his best friend Mac, both 17, are the unpopular kids at their college. They’re almost invisible to the rest of their year, avoided and unnoticed by the cool gang, which includes Paul’s twin sister Anna. Paul is also a troubled young man haunted by apocalyptic dreams that neither his therapist nor Mac can provide answers for. Dark nightmares of an abandoned world, where the sky rains ash, fill Paul’s mind and leave him terrified.

Worse still, Paul has started to see things, horrible creatures that aren’t human. Late one night, his dreams start to become real. Paul meets Neil and his nightmares, though still terrifying, start to make more sense. Neil explains that the things he can see are Fades. Paul is special, he’s one of a small group of people who can see them.

9:30pm Monday, 18 March ABC2


  1. The Fades won the BAFT for being different and taking risks. The writing is awful, it jumps all over the place, the characters are dour and uninteresting and only a few hundred thousand people watched it.

    It also made the worst use of Natalie Dormer ever.

  2. Don’t get too excited – it’s a bit of a hot mess. It does come together in the last episode or two, but by then it’s too late.

    It does feature “Tealeaf” from Psychoville though..

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