Airdate: The Following. Returning: The Voice.

2013-03-28_1248Nine has now set the premiere date for The Following and confirmed its times for The Voice and the Logie Awards, promising a bumper week of viewing.

The Following will premiere 8:40pm Tuesday April 9th and has The Voice as a lead in. It will also screen at 8:40pm on Wednesday April 10.

As expected The Voice launches 6:30pm Sunday April 7 followed by the Logies at 8pm with half an hour of Red Carpet and the Awards at 8:30pm. This is exactly how things rolled last year so it is a dead cert to work again for Nine.7

The Voice also continues 7pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday April 8, 9 and 10 which will be an absolute headache for other networks. House Husbands was already confirmed for 8:40pm Monday April 9.

Nine is yet to reveal a start-date for The Great Australian Bakeoff, Arrow, Celebrity Apprentice and Underbelly: Squizzy.

The Nine Network will launch a massive week of television after Easter starting with season two of the ratings phenomenon The Voice, with new coach Ricky Martin, on Sunday, April 7.

After The Voice on Sunday night, Nine will present the star-studded 55th TV Week Logie Awards extravaganza from Crown Towers in Melbourne. The Red Carpet Arrivals begin at 8.00pm and the 2013 TV Week Logie Awards follow at 8.30pm.

Season two of Aussie drama favourite House Husbands goes to air the next night (Monday, April 8) before the premiere of The Following, the gripping new thriller starring Kevin Bacon, on Tuesday, April 9.

The Voice Season 2: Premieres Sunday, April 7, at 6.30pm and continues Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.00pm
After a record-breaking appearance on Channel Nine in 2012, The Voice is back for an electrifying second season. The Voice Australia is a show like no other. Superstar coaches – Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, Grammy Award-winning soul singer Seal, Australia’s highest selling female artist of the decade Delta Goodrem, and worldwide Latin superstar and new coach Ricky Martin – are on a mission to discover Australia’s next great voice.

Returning as The Voice host is resident larrikin Darren McMullen, along with backstage host Faustina Agolley who will keep up with all the action and viewer feedback via social media.

Thousands of talented singers from around Australia have applied, but each coach must select only 14 for their team during the Blind Auditions, the first of four stages of competition. Then it’s on to the Battle phase, followed by the Showdowns, and finally the Live performance shows that will see Australia’s best undiscovered artist crowned winner of The Voice 2013.

55th TV Week Logie Awards: Sunday, April 7, at 8.00pm

Straight after The Voice on Sunday, April 7, it’s the 55th TV Week Logie Awards. The star-studded night begins when Shelley Craft, Jules Lund and Shane Crawford greet the biggest names in Australian television, and international guests, for the glamorous Red Carpet Arrivals from 8.00pm.

Once again a stellar cast of presenters will take to Crown’s Palladium Ballroom to hand out the 25 Logies when the awards get underway at 8.30pm. Presenters include Gold Logie nominees Hamish Blake, Andy Lee and Adam Hills, comedian Dave Hughes, Julia Morris, Shane Bourne, Lisa Wilkinson, Rebecca Gibney, Eddie Perfect, Scott Cam, Kat Stewart, Jessica Mauboy, Shane Jacobson, Sonia Kruger, Jennifer Byrne and Mandy McElhinney.

The Following: Premieres Tuesday, April 9 and Wednesday, April 10, at 8.40pm

This terrifying new thriller series stars Golden Globe winner Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy (Rome). When notorious serial killer Joe Carroll (Purefoy) escapes from death row the FBI calls in former agent Ryan Hardy (Bacon), a psychologically scarred veteran who captured Carroll nine years earlier.

Knowing Carroll better than anyone, Hardy soon discovers that he was communicating with a network of killers on the outside and has much more planned than just a prison escape. As Hardy and the FBI are challenged by an ever-widening web of murder masterminded by the diabolical Carroll, Hardy will get a second chance to capture him and another shot at redemption when he faces an entire cult of serial killers.


  1. Shelley eluded and you confirmed it being edited at 8.40 I simply forgot it was on and not being a regular Nine viewer was pleasantly surprised and Kudos to Nine for the rather fast encore.
    Quick question David,is the 11.10 version unedited?

  2. @cnrmlj
    Of course everyone has different tastes. But I didn’t say “like”, i said “good”. People can like something, but that doesn’t make it good. I get that certain people will like ‘The Following’, it certainly has plenty of twists, which a lot of people consider good writing, it isn’t however if its just a twist for the sake of having a twist. I don’t say ‘The Following’ is a bad show as far as entertainment goes, it is a fun show, I judge it based on the individual merits that go into making a television show. The acting is pretty average, not including Bacon. Purefoy is a good actor but not in this show (mainly because of the writing.) The direction is quite well done, but the show falls apart in the writing stakes, with its inane dialogue, senseless character motivations and muddled plotting. Not everyone is into acclaimed shows such as ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Breaking Bad’, but whether those people like it or not, those are better produced shows than ‘CSI’ or ‘The Following’.

  3. carolemorrissey

    Looking forward to The Following and the 2nd season of House Husbands, bit worried about it going up against Revenge though. They’ve been advertising The Apprentice & Bake Off as starting after Easter, which is this weekend. Though I read the other day they have put Bake Off back so it doesn’t go up against MKR, which is smart of them. Good to see someone at 9 using some brains for a change.

  4. Not happy with the start time of the voice. That’s home and away time. Also home and away always finishes about 7 minutes late whereas biggest loser starts on time so I am going to miss bits of shows when recording. At least with the voice starting it might be time to give up MKR. Getting tired of it and still haven’t watch episodes from last week.

  5. cant wait for this show and logies are just a joke most boring award show ever rather watch paint dry for god sakes im hoping for the day there is no logies because most of the australian talent have gone to america and made it and soon there would be hardly no australia shows on tv

  6. @justin Agree The Following has some of the worst writing in a show, I tend to look at now for laughs and giggles at how inept the FBI are. Also is good fun reading on IMDb with all the people on there making fun of it and pointing out it’s many flaws.

    Also yes, The Americans is really good, love how it juxtaposes real life events in the 80’s with the story of Russian Sleeper cells in the US (based off the real life ones they found in 2010 that had been there for decades).

  7. Justin, that is one of the great things about the choice on television. One persons following is another persons please like me is another persons arrow etc etc

  8. It really does scare me that people can think The Following is good, as I said it’s not boring, but the writing is quite dreadful. The best new show of the season is The Americans, by a huge margin.

  9. The Following is very bad, gets more and more ridiculous every episode. Im talking PrisonBreak season 4 levels of stupid, I mean the show has no internal logic whatsoever. But I love it now, it has achieved the ‘so bad, it’s good’ status, more (unintentional) laughs than any multi-cam sitcom. Every character decision is the most idiotic choice anyone could make at any given time. Bacon is showing that he is a great actor, but the show gives him almost nothing to do besides smirk and shoot people. He deserves a better series, he would be great on Justified.

  10. I have seen the first ten episodes of The Following and while I have enjoyed some episodes, others have been frustrating. The good guys seem to always make really stupid decisions and even the bad guys seem more intent on hooking up with each other rather than actually doing any killing or following Joe’s orders.

    Arrow is a much better show, it should be given one of these post-Voice timeslots instead

  11. “The Following will premiere 8:40pm Tuesday April 9th and has The Voice as a lead in.”
    …which means it will start closer to 9pm. One of the PVR I think.

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