Airdate: Toy Hunter

2013-03-25_2237The A&E channel usually has a lot of factual content that features working class males from the deep south.

But a new collectibles show takes a slightly different approach as Jordan Hembrough hunts high and low for toys across America.

Follow Jordan Hembrough, a toy and collectibles expert and dealer, as he scours America for hidden treasures to sell to buyers around the world. In each episode he travels from city to city strategically manoeuvring around reluctant sellers, abating budgets, and avoiding unforeseen roadblocks.

With his sights on the holy grail of toys and pop culture collectibles, Hembrough digs through thousands of toy stashes, looking to turn people’s old trash into cold cash. As each turn brings him one step closer to his goal of becoming the ultimate collector, the stakes become higher, the hagglers push harder, and the payoffs are greater than ever before. For this toy hunter, poking through cramped attics and rummaging around dirty garages to score rare vintage items is all in a day’s work!

Tuesdays from April 2 at 7.30pm A&E


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