Brian Henderson to be inducted into Logies Hall of Fame

2013-03-24_203381 year old Brian Henderson AM will be inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame on April 7th.

The retired newsman was best known for fronting Nine News in Sydney from 1964-2002 and for hosting music show Bandstand nationally from 1958 to 1972. He retired from television in 2002 after nearly 50 years in the business.

‘Hendo’ helped Kerry Packer’s Nine Network to years of primetime wins, complemented by a “Brian told me” campaign running in Sydney.

NZ born Henderson epitomised the trust that audiences have come to demand of news presenters, and became known for his signature sign-off “…and that’s the way it is.”

In 2009 he was named as a Member of the Order of Australia.

Ever-humble, Hendo and his wife Mardi haven’t attended the Logies since he won Gold in 1968 for Bandstand.

“We don’t go to premieres and stuff like that, so I stayed away. Watched it on TV, of course.

“I remember being equally surprised about winning the Gold Logie as I am about this. My question was, ‘Have you run out of people to give it to?’”

His Logies honour follows recent inductees Molly Meldrum, Laurie Oakes, Brian Naylor, Bill Collins and John Clarke.

Nine broadcasts the Logies on Sunday April 7th.


  1. @Jason – I’m in Adelaide. We got Molly over here as he was a national identity, but we didn’t get Brian Henderson. I’m not sure if Perth or Brisbane did either. That’s what I mean.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Brilliant…Nine News….which I did watch when Brian read it….and Bandstand….both big parts of my life….a true Gentleman in all the meanings of the word….
    Congratulations to both Brian and Mardi..
    Btw…thanks David Knox for the 2 YouTube clips.

  3. The “Brian Told Me” was also a joint TCN/GTV promo when Brian Naylor read GTV’s news and Brian H read TCN9’s.
    “Bandstand” – “introducing a new group, just arrived from the UK, called the Bee Gees”.
    @Dodge – so I guess those so narrow-minded would have said “so it’s a Melbourne thing” when Brian Naylor and Molly Meldrum were inducted.

  4. seriouslysquare

    Another worthy choice. but there still needs to be more than one. Home and Away and the Today show are both worthy as is Sunrise which is in its 21st season. 60 minutes is another long running show.

    what about the woman of Australian Television, there are so many who deserve this honour who probably wont until they die.. time for an overhaul of this award.

    when a celebrity dies they should be added automatically as a sign of respect. Peter Harvey should be added to the hall for his life time achievement in news and current affairs.

  5. carolemorrissey

    Definitely a worthy recipient. I grew up watching Hendo reading the news, they just don’t make them like him any more. My one regret is I missed his final broadcast as I was on holidays at the Gold Coast at the time, where I now live.

  6. That’s just great. What a Legend he is.
    He absolutely deserves to be inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame!!
    Congrats!! to Brian Henderson!

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