Bumped: Californication

After next week, Californication switches from Tuesdays to Mondays on ELEVEN.

CalifornicaAfter next week, Californication switches from Tuesdays to Mondays on ELEVEN.

This will eventually see it join Supernatural and American Horror Story when they resume in early April.

Monday April 1
“Love Song”
When Samurai Apocalypse hits a lyrical roadblock with his protege, he calls on the best writer he knows: Hank Moody.

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  1. A change from Tuesday to Monday is hardly likely to matter after they have already dumped the show twice and sat on the episodes for over a year.

    Surely anyone who was going to illegally download the 5th season, or get Hulu etc., has already done so.

  2. @Pertinax you have hit the nail on the head, its just an exercise in anti-PVR recording devices now. But by doing so they are burning off the audience that are watching/recording Californication and sending them to other illegal alternatives, and then they are also doing the same to The Office audience. Every un-necessary schedule change done directs your audience to buying DVD sets or other illegal alternatives. What do the advertisers think about that business plan?

  3. Californication is such an under rated show. I really don’t think people understood how good it is. It’s just fun, you like the characters, there’s always a bit of a wink at the audience. It’s one of my favorites.

  4. Well performing shows?
    These sort of shows are watched by 50k people.

    Programming them is mostly just fitting them in before the rights expire. And why would a network want to make it easy for viewers to record shows and skip the ads?

  5. Excellent move Ch 10 programmers, change your expensive programs that are performing around again. That has really worked well for you guys in the past hasn’t it?

    What was that about the definition of insanity?

    Nice try guys but I have a quad tuner that will be able to deal with your scheduling antics….

  6. Of course it gets moved to Mondays – there’s already more programs than I can watch but want to on that night. Californication was the only show that I watched live on Tuesdays, now it’ll be a catchup or (shock horror) not watch TV night.

    “Does that mean The Office will be on of a tuesday replacing Californications old time slot??”
    No, that would be much too sensible for Ten. ‘The Office’ should be an 8:30 or 9:30 show but has been poorly treated so it isn’t getting the audience it deserves.

    However, Ten is getting the audience it deserves. They made their bed, pooed in it, and now they’re lying in it while continuing to soil themselves.

  7. Californication will be following Supernatural and AHS on Mondays. They are due to return April 1st (they said they were returning in 3 weeks).

    Though it would make more sense to wait till after Easter and keep an extra episode in hand to provide a continuous run of Supernatural through to the end of the season.

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