Celebrity Splash rumours

2013-03-05_0010The rumours are gathering on Seven’s Celebrity Splash.

Tom Williams is one name who has been linked to the show, although a Seven spokesperson told the Daily Telegraph:

“Tom is news to me on this gig,” they said.

“We have quite a bit in development, so it could be any number of shows.”

Rachael Finch is another who has been tipped to co-host.

Both names have been rumoured for some time back when Jules Lund’s name was also being whispered.

There is also speculation Todd McKenney could judge, but Seven would be very unlikely to have him on two celeb reality shows back to back. That’s overkill and it helps nobody.

Meanwhile Peter Ford yesterday tipped Denise Drysdale as the first celebrity to agree to being a diver.

She should be good for a few laughs. And lucky for us she had that breast reduction a few years ago.


  1. I would love to see the following people on the show
    Margie Cummins- BIggest Loser – She would be great.
    Davin Griffiths-Jones – I Will Survive – He is a dancer and great tv material.
    Jessie or Biswa from MKR would be hilarious too.

  2. SquareEyes00

    carolemorrissey March 6, 2013 at 7:06 pm –

    Can’t remember where I read it, SquareEyes00, but the first couple of episodes in the UK rated ok, but then it dropped off.

    Not so much to be honest. Final climbed again and ITV called it the best premièring new entertainment series in 5 years, with commissioning the second series in the week after the final.

    Same for France, while Spain had amazing ratings. I totally understand the vibe towards the show, but as a Dutchie it is amazing to see whats happening with this format. It has getting the same response in every single country it aired, and it has been performing really well in every country. Celeb Ski Jumping has been a flop though in the Netherlands.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in US and Australia. USA is going to be awesome with two Dutch formats battling it out on two US Networks: The Voice vs Splash.

  3. SquareEyes00

    carolemorrissey March 5, 2013 at 3:51 pm –

    Why are channel 7 even going ahead with this ridiculous show? Do they realise it was a total dud in the UK?

    It has been a hit in The Netherlands, UK and France – with all series 2 commissioned for each broadcaster. Yesterdays premiere in Spain also got a huge rating. Bad press, but huge ratings. That’s Splash for ya.

  4. the UK version had Tom Daley as the trainer, that would seem the role for matthew mitcham. Rachel Finch is good, but Tom Williams is past his use by date, need someone fresher, i vote dave thornton gets a break.

  5. off topic, but what is going on with DWTS? usually by now there has been months of speculation abou the cast, host, judges, and promotion starting up, pushed to later in the year? i’d say a good move. that June-July period would be good.

  6. I would expect one girl who looks good in her swimmers (probably an ex model) and at least one guy who looks good in Speedos (probably recently retired footballer or current or former Home & Away hunk).
    This might be a bit of fun, but if its going up against The Voice it will get slaughtered.

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