Ellen DeGeneres ill, Aussie tour delayed.

Updated: Ellen DeGeneres is ill and delays her visit to Australia.

2013-03-15_1120Updated: Ellen DeGeneres is ill and has had to delay her visit Australia next week.

The US star was set to visit Sydney and Melbourne early next week in a highly-publicised tour for Swisse.

A cocktail party was due to take place at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne next Tuesday night.

On Twitter she has said:
Trying to get over a bug before I go to Australia. Nobody wants to be down under the weather.

Between my humidifier & Portia making me tea non-stop, there’s so much steam coming from our house people think we picked the new Pope.

The good thing about being sick is I don’t have to miss one minute of #PopeWatch2013. Back to the Chimney Cam.

A statement from Warner Bros indicates:

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” will delay its arrival into Australia by a few days while Ellen recovers from the flu.

Ellen will meet her fans in Sydney later next week, and will then head to Melbourne.

More announcements about the trip will be made in coming days.

Swisse has been contacted for comment.

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  1. @Craig: “And if you haven’t heard of Ellen then what cave have you been in the last 10 or more years?”

    My ‘cave’? New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, South Africa, Canada, USA, South America, Italy, UK, UAE, Hawaii, Baltic states …… basically having a life. Well you did ask!

  2. I thought Ellen was one of the highest rating daytime shows here? And if you haven’t heard of Ellen then what cave have you been in the last 10 or more years?

    I record them for the interviews, often just FF to the main people I want to see.

    Next week re-runs as scheduled on Nine so it will be interesting to see if she comes here late and just stays a few days longer?

  3. Such a lot of publicity for someone with miniscule ratings in Australia. I am not a fan of these cheesey chatty american daytime crappy shows. They make me wanna spew. And what is worse is the way folk and the media fawn all over these mini celebs…ugh….ugh

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