Ellen: “Sydney, I love your city.”

3000 fans didn't mind the glitches as Ellen dances her way into Sydney's heart.

2013-03-23_1833Dwarfed on a stage reserved for Opera Australia’s production of Carmen, Ellen DeGeneres yesterday filmed segments for her show before an enthusiastic crowd.

It was 30C degrees as the US talk show host arrived by water taxi at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair with Portia de Rossi, both donning sunglasses. But some 3000 fans didn’t mind a half hour delay.

Russell Crowe showed her how to wield a stock whip on stage, saying she might need while catching “some brumbies” during a visit to regional Victoria.




Jessica Mauboy played “Finish the Lyric”, she met male underwear models, the Sydney Swans, South Sydney Rabbitohs, and hosted a variety of games, including some where members of the audience were dunked in the harbour if they answered “Know or Go” trivia question incorrectly.

And she desperately wanted to hear a “kook-a-borrow.”

After nearly two hours, the show ended with fans taking part in a Q and A with the host.

“Sydney, I love your city,” she said.


But Fairfax reported of some glitches due to a lack of rehearsal time and communication problems resulting in crowds at the Opera House rather than the Botanical Gardens. A small group were later able to meet her.

”She met us at her hotel and stood and talked to everyone of the group,” said one fan.

”It was a good bit of PR but what about everyone else who missed out?’

Source: news.com.au, Yahoo, Sunday Telegraph

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  1. I was at the show, It was amazing! I’m not sure why some people were at the Opera House… she clearly stated in a tweet not to go there and if you googled the tweet saying where to go it came up with Handa at the fleet steps, (if there was so few people at the Opera House wouldn’t you think oh maybe this isn’t right?). But anyways, Ellen would be almost back in LA now.
    New eps of Ellen air in April. I doubt it would be on the first episode as they would need time to edit. But probably in the first week of the new shows.,

  2. @seriouslysquare, yep, you are spot on. I worked in inbound tourism planning several years ago. Feedback from tourists visiting Australia and those wanting to visit here was always predictably the same- they badly want to see kangaroos and koalas, the Opera House and Bondi Beach. The amazing appeal of our native animals cannot be overstated. Again and again, this is what feedback showed tourists wanted. Forget trying to sell Australia as a sophisticated destination, it will never work as the stereotype of Australia as animals and the outback is too entrenched. Tourists coming here aren’t looking for cool sophistication. They want to see our animals, first and foremost, then iconic destinations like the Opera House, Bondi Beach, Barrier Reef, Uluru, etc

  3. ironically decades later crocodile dundee is still what gets people to Australia. not movies titled Australia that do nothing to attract people, not million dollar “where the hell are ya” campaigns. just a man and his knife. It’s why Steve Irwin was such a hit in the US.

    No matter how we sell our Country its the furry and not so furry critters that get the tourists in. that and the fact we are so laid back… well most of us are…

  4. Catherine, she’d only been in the country for 2 days. She’s off to Melbourne & rural Victoria & it’s rumoured she’s spending some time in QLD Not bad for a short trip.

  5. Im just waiting for her to call a koala a koala bear.

    But its a sahme she isnt seeing more of australia. She has come all this way for a weeks work.

    Anyway it will be interesting to see the rest of her trip.

  6. I’m a bit disappointed with her visit so far. I’m really happy that she’s getting to see Australia, but I’ve tried twice before to get tickets to her show in the US and it proved more difficult than I thought, and now when she’s within driving distance of my home I haven’t got a clue where she’ll be or how to see her. I wish her visit here was more organized.

  7. Anyone else cringe when they do ‘Aussie’ things on shows like this. Russell Crowe cracking a stock whip, really. I like Ellen and the show, mostly for the interviews but not when they do this stuff.

    Ellen is returning to new shows in the US Tuesday April 4th, so Wednesday our time. Guess we’ll start seeing stuff from that week, as they weren’t planning to do entire shows from AU.

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