1. carolemorrissey

    They do seem to change the rules to suit themselves. With the mystery box challenge, they had to showcase one particular ingredient. In the past people have gone home for not showcasing an ingredient enough, even if it tasted good, so Rhett should have gone home, they said they couldn’t even taste the truffles. Even though Bonny’s ricotta didn’t turn out, everything else she did was good and they could taste the truffle in her dish.

    I really hope Sarah wins, but as long as Rhett doesn’t win I don’t really care.

  2. Yeah I must agree it’s really sad how the ratings have turned out for MasterChef P, I did like watching it from the start then it just got boring and the characters on the show I don’t know just didn’t do it for me- I think maybe the casting was wrong, I think the MasterChef series is getting tired and just not competitive against other shows in this time- shame I did once like it. Looks like MKR & The Block seem to be doing well.

  3. Such a shame this show isn’t rating! 10 were stupid to put it up against MKR though.. so it kinda is their own fault… I’ve IQ’d every ep and am slowly but surely getting through this awesome series. Really dont look forward to having Gary and George back for the regular season… Marco is much better. Oh, and, Sarah for the win! 😀

  4. Disappointing result for MasterChef. I’ve been watching it all season, either live or recorded and have enjoy the competition. Also been watching MKR, but the ‘babes’ girls are really getting on my nerves.

  5. What a contrast in the two shows last night! On MP we had 2 teams delivering a 3 course fine dining meal for 120 people. On MKR we had an “unfine” dining of monkey shaped vegie/muffin and a meatball caterpillar with brown oxidised apple with hole.

  6. David

    If it’s not too much to ask… how are the afternoon news bulletins rating on both 7 and 9 these days? It seems Rebecca Madden is now the new presenter for Sevens 4.30 news.

  7. I had hoped Michael or Rhys will win. Since Michael is now out, if Rhys wins, it will be a great story of resilience and a real potential life-changing achievement given his background. All power to him.

  8. Michaels elimination last night was a joke. To eliminate someone for being a team player when clearly his team member was not was a disgrace. Also I don’t think at such an important moment in the competition it was right to have a team challenge. It was time for them to shine as individuals. Also asian was not michaels forte but was told that his entree dish was probably the best dish of the competition and then to eliminate just doesn’t make sense. One good dish in a service has saved teams in the past. It doesn’t feel right the elimination wasn’t about the food. For this reason I have lost interest in masterchef and even though I will watch the finale due to one episode being left I frankly don’t care. Michael was the only interesting character left.

  9. Maev....Sydney

    I guess you may find them ‘dull’ if you do not watch the show…..but Rhett and Sarah have been my faves all along….both deserve the term Professional….they shine!

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