FOX Sports launches new HQ

FOX Sports launches a new logo, new state of the art headquarters and the Clive Churchill Studio.

Photo1fxSports stars and media were out in force last night for the official opening of the new state of the art FOX Sports headquarters in Artarmon.

Visibly proud CEO Patrick Delaney welcomed guests to the 5 storey building, on the ABC’s former Gore Hill site.

In attendance were News Limited CEO Kim Williams, Foxtel’s Richard Freudenstein and Brian Walsh, David Gallop, Peter Sterling, Matty Johns, Matt Shirvington, Gorden Tallis, Wendell Sailor, Laurie Daley, Braith Anasta and partner Jodi Gordon, Michael Ennis, Daly Cherry-Evans, Michael Crocker, Krisnan Inu and Todd Carney, Mark Bosnich, Robbie Slater, Phil Kearns, Tony Squires, Leisel Jones, Charlotte Dawson, Melissa Hoyer, plus media scribes including Michael Idato, Holly Byrnes and James Manning.

The main studio was named the Clive Churchill Studio after the NRL legend, whose family was in attendance.


But it was the technical wizardry that shone, with Delaney glowing with enthusiasm for FoxKopter, the FoxMobile segway, Ref Cam and Cornerpost Cam crafted by a 6-man innovation unit named MI6.

“No-one at FOX Sports is going to get the boot if they have a go. They’ll get the boot if they don’t have a go and they make TV like you can get for free,” he said.

“We’re trying to take people closer to the game. It’s what fans want.

“They want to get closer to their heroes and the insights. To all of the things that go on. The stuff that Patrick Delaney can get access to.”

FOX Sports showcased its bumper 7-day NRL line-up (detailed here). Together with AFL and other major sports, this year FOX Sports will have some 800 broadcasts, and up to 21 Live entertainment shows.

During his presentation, Delaney crossed live to the studio where Matty Johns, Tony Squires, Leisel Jones and Peter Sterling introduced the sets of their shows, including an impressive virtual model of a football field, and even something resembling a hologram that plants a virtual guest into the studio.

FOX Sports also launched a new logo.

Fox Sports 2013 Logo Photo1fx3

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  1. Not a fan of the new logo – turned on the cricket the other day and noticed the big ugly circle in the corner of the screen. Looks too American.

    I rather liked the small slim previous ‘Fox Sports’ logo, like the Sky Sports logos in the UK – and without the number on the watermark … do we really care which # channel we’re watching?

  2. @tihsamikah….the footage was wrong, just like the moon landing and the current test series in India…
    …but, I think you’ll find Stump (or Stumps as they are generally known) were introduced in the 16th century, there were two of them in the early days. Don’t think thoses shepards had much use for stump cam though…

    Either way FoxSports is awesome…better than the sorry excuse for sports broadcasting on FTA

  3. I reckon it would be ok if it was just the logo and didn’t have the ridiculous ‘live in HD’ next to it.

    And, all this money spent on a fancy new HQ and still they don’t broadcast in DD5.1.

  4. @quokka

    This link wont work but…

    * Stump was introduced in 1980.

    * “Stump Cam” is the subject of several patents belonging to TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd (AU-665141-B1).

    so why would the BBC use it first?

    also, the footage available from the 1980’s of the stump cam being installed must be also wrong

    “Just Sayin”

  5. Horrendous. Just turned my TV on to see the logo in the top corner and they have made a massive mistake. Gone from a very clean, slick, unobtrusive watermark to a big, fat, in your face, totally American logo.

    Not even original as others have said.

    Hopefully they change back ASAP.

  6. “looks like the us one”

    That was the point. They can now ship hundreds of hours of Australian content directly to America, and vice versa I guess, without any hassle. I know this is what they’re doing because Chase Carey just announced more content for Fox Sports North America.

  7. Agree with bill – @tihsamikah agree the logo doesn’t look that new – Also, I think Gibbo based on his Twitter account is still a contributor to FSN Ch 513; based as opinion pieces… which prob makes the Back Page ‘reboot’ all the more weird. Just on my previous post; does anyone else have a similar video prob on their iPad app?

  8. Great. Now can they just fix the Shows On Demand section of the FoxSportsNews app? Tweeted them twice about it, and apparently they are ‘investigating’. But the video is annoyingly jittery…

  9. Same logo as the US. Wow. Innovative.

    I’d like to meet the fans who want to get closer to the action. I just want my sports coverage in proper HD, not technically just HD and would prefer this be the focus rather than these pointless gimmicks they are calling ‘innovations’.

  10. new logo… like the Fox Sports US Logo?
    so its not a ‘new’ logo…. just new for you….

    sorry… the subscription price doesn’t need to go up just for taking a logo from somewhere else…

    to quote .. “They’ll get the boot if they don’t have a go and they make TV like you can get for free,”

    FoxKopter – Wow Low Def, and Sky Cam, assuming the field is small enough, delivers a better picture

    FoxMobile segway – Nine took your idea from the BBL last year…. so the same as FTA

    Ref Cam – Different perspective, but how about a dedicated red button channel to watch this live? nope…. why bother…

    Cornerpost Cam – pretty obvious and still nice, particually if the TV Ref / TMO can use it to judge tries – But when was world series 1977? Nine had Stump Cam up and running for the first game didn’t they? so not a new idea, just a new implementation.

    sorry fox no sale…. getting rid of gibbo and billy from the back page (yes I think they made gibbo leave…. he still appears on MMM doesn’t he?) then I have no reason to re-subscribe.

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