Gap closes between Seven & Nine

Ratings: MKR dipped as The Block rose on Monday, freezing MasterChef out of the game.

2013-03-05_0936The gap between My Kitchen Rules and The Block slimmed last night as Seven’s show dropped numbers while Nine’s is on the rise.

Now based in MKR Headquarters, Seven’s cook-off pulled 1.79m viewers and was still strong enough to win the night.

But the exit of one of The Block‘s ‘two fat tradies’ scored the best numbers so far this season at 1.53m. Following on from rising numbers on Sunday night, Nine is enjoying a timely rise against Seven’s juggernaut.

Seven edged ahead to take out the night but it was very close. TEN had another night of woes.

Seven network share was 32.0% then Nine 30.3%, ABC 20.1%, TEN 13.6% and SBS 4.0%.

Also for Seven were Revenge (1.26m), Seven News (1.22m), Today Tonight (1.00m), Home and Away (940,000), How I Met Your Mother (506,000 / 385,000), Deal or No Deal (473,000). The return of Private Practice stalled at just 150,000.

Following The Block for Nine were Big Bang Theory (1.28m / 969,000), Nine News (1.2m), ACA (992,000), Hot Seat (612,000) and  Person of Interest (508,000 / 314,000) .

ABC News (994,000) led ABC1 then Four Corners (826,000), Media Watch (807,000), Q & A (725,000), Australian Story (722,000), 7:30 (716,000) and Lateline (334,000).

TEN News was again best for TEN with 694,000. The Project was 456,000, even Curtis Stone on MasterChef: The Professionals could not rise above 432,000, Can of Worms was 407,000, Hawaii Five-0 was 306,000 and The Simpsons was 294,000.

SBS also had a tough night with a RocKwiz repeat its best performer at 154,000 then World News Australia (150,000), Mythbusters (141,000) and Man vs Wild (109,000).

Bananas in Pyjamas on ABC2 topped multichannels with 276,000.

Today: 374,000
Sunrise: 327,000
ABC News Breakfast: 51,000 / 35,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 4 March 2013

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  1. Yeah, I only found out about Private Practice through here and then saw it in TV Week. I tape it because it’s on too late. Can of Worms doesn’t have a hope being put up against Revenge, but then that would be the case of any show put against it.

  2. Interesting comments overall. I feel that 7 may have a more consistent line up however 9 have made big efforts to improve. Depending on how much you qualify the word success Total numbers or demos 9 did well with The Voice and BB. The blind additions were most popular and I think will be again. BB still has a place and following and should work well in the social media age.
    Voice stars along with XFactor struggle for longevity and few Idol stars do, however that aside it delivers ratings that networks enjoy in both demos and totals.
    Personal I prefer dramas over reality and support Aussie shows that appeal. Networks try new things which keeps TV fresh.
    Lets see what rates well, but doesn’t necessarily mean it is quality viewing.
    I do find it funny that if MKR decreases in viewers due to boring without bitching, then 7 will try to schedule more for next season coz it rates not coz it is quality.

  3. Private practice should have remained late on thursday night as it has been for quite a while with greys anatomy on at the much earlier timeslot. I have to agree with others that I wouldn’t have known it was on until I saw the story on this site. I’m still waiting to watch royal pains which is usually scheduled in a late night timeslot.

  4. @Pertinax- I blame Ten for giving themselves a bad name not for me liking the shows etc & my opinion is that Nine has a stronger line-up & yours is 7-ratings will tell.
    @Gaz- Big Brother got good ratings and good reviews for Nine hence it’s back this year too ratings will speak for themselves for this year & about The Voice the show was a great performer for 9 and is an interesting show to watch.

  5. @Pertinax Of course many haven’t found Private Practice yet as I didn’t see one promo for it at all and I only knew it was on through this site and an article featured in TV Week.

    The reason Parenthood still rates is it has promos!

  6. @Mr.J – I agree too.
    Its interesting even to just take the Top 15 where Seven, Nine & ABC each have 5 shows, with Seven & Nine sharing most of the honors for the Top 10, with ABC filling much of the 12 – 16 bracket, which is reflected in the ratings with Seven & Nine relatively close, and ABC mid-way between Ten & Nine/Seven.
    I also think part of ABC’s success on Monday is consistency, and Q&A generates such a significant youth audience for the 9:30 time slot (as evidenced by the audience numbers and twitter comments), where it seems as if Q&A won the 9.30 – 10.30 time slot.

  7. @justsaying, Big Brother didn’t do much for Nine last year, so I wouldn’t expect it to rate too well this year either. As for The Voice, I can’t remember the last time I even heard Karisse Edens name mentioned, let alone heard a song of hers on the radio.

  8. @justsaying
    Blaming Channel Ten because you are watching two of their shows that you like seems a bit odd.
    You could blame other people for not liking what you do, but what is point of that?

    The people who are really unhappy are surely the Ten shareholders.

    Seven has a much stronger lineup. They have the X Factor, Winners and Losers and A Place to Call Home to come too.

  9. The Kitchen HQ episodes of MKR (which is what, the next 2 months so they can string it out as long as possible?) are never as interesting or entertaining as the instant restaurant rounds. I would expect MKR and the Block to achieve almost equal Monday ratings in a few weeks time.

    I think if MKR falls in this ‘second half’ of the season this year, next year it should be recut as just an instant restaurant show – thats where it’s strengths lie.

  10. I think Seven’s ratings will be dropping dramatically once The Voice starts on nine, and not to mention with Big Brother and AGT it’s all going to be happening on 9, Ch 9’s line up this year is very strong compared to all the other networks in my opinion. Shame to see the low ratings of MC and Can of Worms like both those shows I blame the network.

  11. A lot of fans probably haven’t found Private Practive late on Monday night yet. Also 35% of its audiences recorded it last year when it was screened after 9:30pm, making it the highest timeshifted show (relatively).

    But Channel 7 is doing badly with late night shows after their late starts. The exception is Parenthood on Tuesday which is doing well, even for the late, late episode.

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