News teams go back to class

2013-03-14_2358News teams are headed back to the school yard, all in the name of giving back, and getting some grass roots support.

Last week TEN announced its TEN at School programme which sees Sandra Sully, Tim Bailey and the TEN News at Five team visiting a primary school to talk about how a news bulletin is made. Each Thursday weather man Tim Bailey also does a live cross from the lucky school.

TEN’s Matt Doran recently visited students at Oakville Public School in Sydney.

Perhaps inspired by TEN’s community spirit, Seven News this week announced its own School Ambassador & Inspiration Program.

Seven journalists and presenters also visit schools, to discuss their start in the industry, as well as provide advice and insight into the world of News and TV presenting.

Chris Bath recently returned to her former school Holroyd High at Greystanes.

You can register your Sydney school at TEN here and at Seven here.


  1. They’re corrupting the children!! Won’t someone please think of the children?!?

    But seriously, are there any plans for tours outside of Sydney?

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