Nine sets date for The Block finale

2013-03-15_1516As tipped, Nine has finally set the finale for The Block for next Wednesday night.

A two hour finale will take place from 7-9pm on March 20th, the day after the auctions take place in Bondi.

Nine had originally scheduled the show right through until Friday March 22nd but it just didn’t make sense with the auctions taking place next Tuesday.

In the biz these are known as red herrings, designed to keep rivals off the scent…

However, it also means many print guides are now likely to be inaccurate.

Nine has now scheduled Big Bang Theory for 7pm Thursday 21 and Friday 22nd.

Big Bang is expected to continue during the Easter non-ratings until The Voice kicks off in early April.


  1. I agree! Can not believe how many times The Block is repeated, over and over. Can they not afford other programs? A real turn off!! As to the blatant advertising everywhere, who needs it?

  2. Thank goodness this show is over, yet still another one to come during the year, wouldn’t watch it if you paid me, channel 9 cant stop having the same programme over and over again.

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