Packed to the Rafters: Mar 26

2013-03-22_1219 bNext week on Packed to the Rafters, looks like nothing goes Coby’s way.

Jake uses his Dad’s money to post Coby’s bail. Coby’s certain he’s headed for prison, despite Jake’s assurances otherwise. Given the circumstances, Dave and Julie try to end their business dealings with Duncan (guest star MARK LEE) but he holds them to their contract. Coby’s actions have also created a wedge between Donna and Julie, putting strain on their friendship.

Jake and Matt are worried Coby will do a runner. Dave reiterates Coby’s job is safe but gives him a serve of tough love. He can’t work on site until the Duncan job is over but there’s plenty for him to do in the Shed. Unable to avoid Frankie, Coby steps up, taking full responsibility for everything. When Frankie expresses her regret over what happened, Coby reads it as regret over their break up. Even the driving rain can’t wash the smile off his face.

With Coby’s predicament weighing heavily on his mind, the last thing Jake needs is to run into Sian (guest star SAMANTHA TOLJ). And her new rich, handsome boyfriend. Jake’s day goes from bad to worse when he receives confronting news about his ex-girlfriend Rachel too.

Carbo, Retta and Emma are also feeling the strain as they launch their new venture as an urban garden business. After the wet weather leads to a less than bustling first day of business, Retta struggles to maintain a positive face at the opening drinks. But the trio’s fortunes take a turn for the better when they land their first client (guest star CELIA IRELAND). Little do they know she will affect their lives in ways they could never imagine…

Donna also has a shocker, finally confronted with Duncan’s philandering ways. Her heart still hurting, proud Donna rejects Coby’s attempts to apologise, branding him a delinquent. Coby’s day takes another dive when Frankie confirms he misread her earlier comment: there’s no chance of them getting back together.

And if that wasn’t enough, Ted is rushed to hospital after taking a confronting turn. As the day from Hell ends, Jake arrives home to more bad news: Coby’s gone. Yep, it never rains but it pours…

8:30pm Tuesday on Seven.


  1. It died for me when Dave Rafter kissed that woman. Why do shows have to go the adultery path all the time? House Husbands did it too with one of their characters recently. I do watch most Tuesdays as i have the telly on waiting for Parenthood, but I’m not really paying attention. Is Rafter’s finishing this year? I hadn’t heard, probably a good thing as most of the interesting characters have gone. Ben, Rachel and Nathan. It is and always will be worth a look for Michael Caton and Rebecca Gibney, those two are outstanding. I just cannot get excited about watching it anymore, not like when it first started. I have Season 1 & 2 on DVD, how many season’s have been shown. Is this five we’re seeing now?

  2. Well now we know the whole story, we won’t have to watch it now. Not that I do watch these days anyway, I can’t stand the guy who plays Coby nor his character. In fact, now that the originals have all scattered to the winds, there’s no interest for me at all.

    Time for this series to die.

  3. It’s been great to see Michael Caton get a meaty storyline to work with. The last few episodes focusing on his possible Alzheimer’s have been some of the best in the entire series.

  4. Have to agree with deedeedragon – the next door household storylines are a bit lame. Stayed with this the whole way so hopefully they are able to finish the series in a fitting manner.

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